Leading Yourself to Lead Others by Using The Southwest Airbag Rule By John Hackett Ed.D.

” The most challenging, most difficult, biggest pain for me is to lead is John Maxwell.”   John Maxwell, Leadership Expert, and author

George Madiou offers a fascinating set of questions for this month’s topic of the Network Marketing Magazine. Are You Measuring Your Results & Are You Rewarding Yourself?

What does that mean to you? What does that mean to those you are coaching to experience success in their business?

Anyone in network marketing is a leader that has dual leadership opportunities. The first leadership opportunity is the most significant one, You. John Maxwell is considered the #1 Leadership expert globally, having published nearly 100 books on the topic. Dr. Maxwell often reports that a leader’s most challenging person to lead is themselves.

John often says,” the hardest, most difficult biggest pain for me is to lead is John Maxwell. “I can certainly say that is true for my leadership of John Hackett as a leadership writer, coach, and trainer. The second leadership opportunity in a network marketing organization is your team.

“The Speed of the leader is the speed of the  gang.”

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

The members of your team are often volunteers. These are people who have joined your team. They are closely watching and modeling your behavior. This group is your second leadership opportunity and maybe somewhat more manageable because we want them to succeed.

Leading yourself well is crucial to your success and your team’s success. Your self-leadership provides an example and a path for the team to follow. Your actions will provide a model for current members and serve as a magnet or a deterrent for those considering joining your team. Your current team and those prospects considering joining your team will closely monitor how you lead yourself.

Your team is not only looking at making sales often. They ask how I can have fun learning to relate to others and meet my needs. This is especially important in this period of “the great reshuffle” where, people have learned they may not like the work situation they were in pre-pandemic and are looking for something that may better meet their needs, such as Work-life balance.

If they lead well, network marketing companies are a welcome alternative to many. In this environment, what does someone see in your network marketing model as an attractive and possible alternative to better meet their needs? The model they will look at is your self-leadership. “The Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mary Kay Ash, put it well “The Speed of the leader is the speed of the  gang.”

The first step is to consider what I call the Southwest Airline Airbag Rule. Remember the last time you took a flight?

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John Hackett
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