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Robert ButwinLife is all about the choices that we make. Let’s make better ones! I’ve had many different new beginnings. I sit back and can think of my earliest profession, in my family business. I was the third generation in our family business and I was expecting to ultimately be the President and run the business. Because of a variety of circumstances around the way the people of the company were operating, I realized that my future wasn’t going to be there. I had to evaluate what was available, what my options were and what logically made sense. That’s when I found network marketing. The reason I think this is so appropriate is because we’re at the time of year when many of you are going to be evaluating the things that you’ve been doing. Have they been working? What’s not working? Is it a time for a new beginning or not? NULL

There are many different ways that we get from where we are to where we want to be. We are in a transformational business.

Being in a transformational business, there are many different vehicles, many different ways to arrive where you want. The bottom line is, right where we are today there are a lot of people evaluating if what they are doing is really working. As I talk with you about new beginnings, and as I’ve shared with you my new beginning where I had to leave the job and find another viable way to create the kind of income and lifestyle that I wanted, I chose network marketing. The first company that I got involved with (and this has happened five times in my career) started heading in a direction that I could no longer promote.

I got involved in network marketing because I understood the business model. It was something where I could see that the average person can get involved with low money yet create a phenomenal lifestyle.

As I was creating a new beginning I had to ask, “What did I learn from the choices that led me to having to make a new beginning?” Everything that happens in life gives some kind of lesson to learn. One of the things I’ve learned is that until you’ve learned the lesson, life will continually trip you up around that lesson. Now, I might be a slow learner, it took me five different times of making a new beginning. I had to understand my patterns. What were my experiences that brought me to making a new beginning?

I love the definition of experience: Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

So I took a look at those five experiences and realized it was time again to make a new beginning. I had to first of all, be aware of where I was making mistakes. I had to take responsibility for my errors in judgment. What did I learn that I had to start over five times? If I don’t look at that I will have to start over a six or seventh or more times.

Life is all about the choices that we make. I was the one who was making the choices.

At the time I thought they were very good companies. Ultimately I learned, based on things that happened but the bottom line is, once you’re aware and you’re responsible for your choices then, as you consider a new beginning you won’t make the same mistake. It’s sort of like when you’re going to a horse race. You’re going to bet on a horse and you find the horse that you picked is never going to finish the race… at least not the way you want them.

As you take a look with awareness at your choices you want to discover what you’ve learned so you will not continually repeat the pattern.

Look at those elements as you’re re-evaluating now so that as you’re looking at this new beginning, you’re going to have a different outlook. After you’ve taken responsibility for it, understanding where you are allows you to take responsibility for where you want to be. Most people never take responsibility for the fact that they needed to take a new beginning because they’re in a state of denial. DENIALDon’t Even Notice I Am Lying Most of the time, they’re lying to themselves. Once you take responsibility for what is, then you totally own it.

One of the key things about my success is that once I totally own my new beginning, I create a vision in order to be able to see where I want to be.

I’ve become very good at creating that vision over the years. I see what I want to create. Obviously when you’re starting something new you want to be able to see where you’re going so you can ultimately be sure you create the reality of your expectation… of what you want to accomplish. Once you have a vision of what it is you’re looking to create then you need to create a strategy, a game plan so that you’re able to implement the necessary and proper actions to create the results that you deserve. Your vision is like painting your life on a canvas. It’s your picture of the reality that you want to create. My first vision was to be so successful that I would be able to speak in front of thousands of people. The first time I got up and spoke in front of a group, there were only 30 people there and my knees buckled, my eyes rolled back in my head and someone had to come out and take me off of the stage. My vision was still firm so I set about perfecting my craft. I went to Toastmasters and took every opportunity to get up and speak. Now I am successfully teaching entrepreneurship around the world.

But the VISION was the first part of my journey, then I had to develop a strategy that I consistently implemented.

The one thing I’ve learned is that if I can do it, each and every one of you can create whatever it is you want to do as long as you have the right vehicle, the right mentorship and the commitment.


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