“Learn how to earn more part time than your professors did full time all total in their entire careers!” by Dakota Rea

A youth to youth’s perspective… “ATTENTION, FUTURE YOUNG MILLIONAIRES WANTED.” Here’s the inside scoop on how the “old way” of being successful is lame and out of date, and how you definitely do not have to wait until you’re gray haired…

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Dakota Rea

Dakota Rea, Founder and CEO of Altairia International and Creator of Neon Energy Drink has traveled to 42 countries and counting for the purpose of Direct Selling. With 9 years of experience as a distributor, consultant, executive, product formulator, speaker and author he brings a unique balance of both field and corporate experience to Altairia. Dakota has built national and international multi-million dollar organizations to date and continues to speak to them at events worldwide. As a consultant he earned the #1 ranking in Google for the keywords “foremost expert on Generation Y” and has worked in over 50 world-wide boardrooms including Donald Trump’s. As an author he has been featured multiple times on the shelves of Barnes and Noble on the front page of 2 industry leading magazines. His vision is to help lead his generation to success in the 21st century by giving them a vehicle to help them live meaningful, responsible, and fulfilling lives.
Dakota Rea
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