“Learn how to earn more part time than your professors did full time all total in their entire careers!” by Dakota Rea

Dakota ReaA youth to youth’s perspective… “ATTENTION, FUTURE YOUNG MILLIONAIRES WANTED.” Here’s the inside scoop on how the “old way” of being successful is lame and out of date, and how you definitely do not have to wait until you’re gray haired and have wrinkly skin to be living the lifestyle everyone dreams of. I mean think about it, do you desire to have tons of cash when you’re young, or do you want to wait? And to ask another question – why do you have to wait?

Do you realize that there are people that are in their twenties today earning more of a cash flow in a faster time than anyone in history?

 NULL Here are some examples, I’m sure many of you have heard of MySpace.com right? Well, two young web guys made five hundred and eighty million dollars in cash just about one and a half years after they built their web page just for their local music promoter friends. Now imagine if you were those guys, what would you do with all of that cash? Would you buy that dream home you’ve always wanted, that Ferrari, travel the world to exotic locations perhaps? Think about it for a second and then come back over to this page and read what’s next. It will be even better. Incredibly, there are even younger self-made entrepreneurs that have recently earned more cash in an even shorter amount of time; they are the two young co-founders of a place called youtube.com. In about two years they were bought out by “The Google Guys” for a whooping $1.65 billion Dollars US. Oh no, I can’t believe I almost forgot about the Google guys! These two young guys, in their early twenties, pioneered Google back in 1998. Today they are worth a little over fourteen Billion U.S. dollars, but wait, that’s a piece! Now take a quick second, sit back, relax and imagine if you were one of those guys how would you feel? What would you do next? How would you act? And most importantly how would you see yourself transform? Since you know that it’s possible for young people like us to get rich at a young age, why not you? “Well how can I start?” you might ask. A famous quote that I heard from one of the most successful business philosophers in the world, Mr. Brian Tracey, said

“Young people today will learn more about success in one day than their elders learned in their entire life times.”

I mean come on! We grew up with and around the era of technology which means we can learn and comprehend a lot more and a lot faster; however I’m not saying our elders are not brilliant in many areas because it was them that pioneered the technology for our advancement in our learning potential. Just keep in mind that what I’m about to tell you could be the exact opposite advice that your parents are giving you right now to achieve success. It’s time to put the old success recipe back where it belongs, in the history books. You know what I’m talking about, the constant lectures and advice from most parents and elders such as “You need to go to school, get good grades, get a job, and eventually work for an industrious and stable company for about 30 or 40 years and end up in higher management positions then possibly get stock options.” Well if you do your research these days you’ll find out that that’s all a bunch of BS, I’m not saying school is a bad idea; nor am I implying that our parents don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m just recognizing that if the ordinary people above can become millionaires at such a young age so can you. Did you know that the wealthiest man in the world, Bill Gates did not finish his first year in college? Why? Why did he achieve so much success? It was because he took his idea which was a monopoly and started his own business before someone else took his idea. Again I’m not saying college or school in general is bad because it is in college that ideas are sparked.

Keep in mind all I’m saying is that the most successful people in the world own their own businesses rather than getting degrees to impress a certain business to work for.

Who do you think earns most of the money in a traditional business, people who get accepted with their degrees or the people who started the business? Remember you don’t have to have a degree to start or own your own business. The college loan industry is huge. If you’re a college student are you in debt? How big of an interest rate are you paying? Do you know that statistically only one out of ten college students end up using their degrees that they invested four years of their lives and an average of forty thousand dollars in debt at an average school? So that leaves most college students in debt while the CEO of the loan company is profiting millions. Ask yourself, “who am I?”, “What do I like to do?” And “What type of business can I start to be successful at what I love to do?” Because if it’s not fun, why do it, right? What if I could tell you in the next couple of paragraphs that you could work in your own business for a few years and then stop? And still continue to earn money automatically every month for the rest of your life without you working? This is called the free enterprise industry. If you’re looking for an easy way to start, look up and research great dependable network marketing or direct sales companies. This is the only industry in the world where you can start a franchise like business with out the franchise like cost.

These types of businesses are where you can create “Leverage” which in layman’s terms means you build it once, you build it big, and you don’t personally work anymore.

A famous philosopher said “Leverage is doing so much with so little that you get everything done.” Here is the most important part of starting and maintaining the desire to achieve your goals. I know a lot of people have probably told you to write down your goals but here’s an easier way for you to do so. Find all your favorite magazines of the life you desire to live, such as travel, luxury, exotic cars, lavish homes, successful family, etc. And create what we call a “Vision Board”. Note: this would be a fun activity for you and your friends or family to do together, but sometimes it’s more fun to do it on your own. Basically make a collage on a board, and hang it on your wall, so everyday you can remind yourself of why you’re working. Now this is going to require a board or pieces of paper, a glue stick, scissors, and again your favorite magazines. That is what we call your “Why”. If you can learn to remind yourself of your why, and/or look and imagine yourself living the life of your “Dream Board” then you will keep yourself motivated through out your quest. Also Imagine how fun it would be to live that life every day, with a happy family, no worries what so ever, and then find out how you can get there, what’s holding you back, and what you need to do at this moment to make sure nothing is holding you back. I’ve been told by my mentors “You become who you hang out with the most.” So if you have a person who you look up to or that is living a life that you desire to live find out where they hang out and hang out there, find out what type of friends they have, and hang out with those type of people, but most importantly find out what they do and do that same thing.

Remember success leaves tracks.

TIP: Be sure to get the autobiographies of the famous and successful people in the past, or to be more specific, read the autobiographies of the type of people that have had success in what you would like to do. If you find out what others did to get there you can definitely find your way easier. For example if you were setting sail to a destination (your desired future) and you had a map and directions from someone that already had made the similar trip, it would be easier right? And it’s also very important to know very vividly where you’re going so you can know what to take, and point your self in the right direction. Here is another example, if you were going to set s
ail to an Island (your desired future) and you set your heading just 2 degrees off, ask any experienced sailor what would happen, you would end up way off course.

So find out who has climbed the mountain of success, but most importantly find out how they did it, what food they took, what kind of rope, backpack, climbing shoes and gear, etc.



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