LeRoy’s reflections and reporting on ways I’m actuating my “Stretching into Potential” model. By LeRoy Maughan

LeRoy’s reflections and reporting on ways I’m actuating my “Stretching into Potential” model.

September 28, 2018 – Boise, Idaho

Yesterday I attended the 2nd Idaho Women in Education Leadership Conference. The purpose of the event was fulfilled: Honoring Those Who’ve Helped Shape the Education Landscape … through their education, innovation, and collaboration.

From the first moment to the final goodbye, every presenter and participant radiated that message. Each segment through the day consisted of reflections, reporting, recognizing and offering relevant invitations to actuate their leanings as ASAAOAP (as soon and as often as possible.)

Morning thought bursts:

1. What do you know about YOU? (self awareness)

  1. Are you being a good listener? (Correspondence)

  2. “I invite you to see yourself (vision) as a voice on behalf of those for whom you have a measure of accountability?

  3. “…seeking to focus – laser-like, on our purpose and our priorities.”

  4. “… making sure we don’t falter by following the distraction of the newest shiny object.”

  5. All leaders have one thing in common! Authentic leaders have followers. (collaboration)

  6. What are your strategies (USE) for creating followers?

  7. “… our collective effectiveness was directly tied to how we embraced our real purpose…”

  8. “… know how to detect they various ways people are being followers…”

  9. Have a simple strategy (USE) for getting feedback?

  10. Get better and better at framing your story; persevere in telling the correct story.

  11. Know the growing, flourishing climate you want to create (vision) and change the narrative (oral and written correspondence) of your daily conversation to align with that climate.

  12. Simplify your targets! “We make it safe for people to get better.”

  13. Make what we’re teaching simply practical in the real life.

  14. Edify within. Be aware of those within the circle of your influence and acknowledge them.

  15. Be increasingly aware that you and others may be momentarily “in between success cycles”

  16. Keep learning how to overcome the impostor syndrome. Steve Jobs said: “…everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

The person you decide to be … is the only person you are destined to become.

This belief was expressed by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I’m adding “… and what I do and how I feel about it.”

Making decisions is the thinking segment. Doing what I decide is the action segment. And, feeling positive energy about it is the power segment. All three segments are required. That is a recipe for developing the skills and fueling my will to stretch into my potential.

I’m working on implementing my own multi-facet model for “stretching into the potential” of my four dimensional life. I’ve chosen to operate on 12 foundational building blocks; 3 action-sets for progressing, 3 action-sets for getting better all blended with 7 proven superpower principles.

I invite you to read, think, add your detail, put it to work and let me know what happens for you.  LeRoy Maughan [WEALworks@gmail.com] 


The Four basic dimensions of my life are:






The twelve building blocks grouped in a 3 x 4 prioritized matrix. They are:














The three action-sets for progressing:

ACA = Awareness + Choice + Action Plan

M2A = Measurable end goal; Measurable pieces of the whole + Accountable to “do” them.

USE = Understand action-sets 1 + 2; Strategize what and how; Execute the strategy.


The three action-sets for getting better:

R3 = Review my progress + Refine my execution + Regenerate my heart (will), mind, strength.

i4 = intentionally improving implementation and increase.

P4 = Persistently Perform and Produce on Purpose


The seven proven superpower principles:

Choice: It’s what you do with happens that gives meaning to your own life’s experiences.

Vision: See your authentic self; know where you’re GOING (goals, objectives, intentions, needs, guidelines.)

Priority: Know the WHY; for WHO; WHAT are the sequenced segments; How to do it – When and Where.

Usefulness: Committed to real mutual benefit;  thinking, feeling, serving and solving unselfishly.

Correspondence: Get, give info + understanding; using details of needs, wants, expectations (oral, written)

Collaboration: Valuing differences; critical thinking; problem-solving, agile and daptive actions; cooperation.

Regeneration: Curiously generating and radiating positive energy, healthy vibrations, healing frequencies.


Enjoy stretching into your potential.

LeRoy Maughan

LeRoy Maughan

Authentic Human Energy is the most fundamental, essential and precious CURRENCY of Commerce of Commerce interchanged among the global citizens of earth.”
LeRoy R. Maughan

LeRoy R. Maughan is the President of WEALworks Enterprises an independently owned education, learning and professional development company created for the purpose of growing well-being, prosperity and happiness for their clients. Mr. Maughan, is a senior levelfacilitator,speaker and consultant who has provided top level solutions, services and support for such companies as FranklinCovey, The Global Speed of Trust Practice and Partners in Leadership and The Covey Leadership Center. In addition he has influenced top leaders and committed followers with the precepts, processes and performance patterns organized by WEALworks. He has helped seasoned as well as emerging leaders es¬tablish, grow and actuate real leadership com¬petencies in organizations both domestic and international. He is also a sought after busi¬ness advisor, performance coach and engaging speaker who skillfully draws on his 30-plus years of experience facilitating hundreds of principle-centered engagements for a wide array of clients. He has helped thousands of leaders, managers and team members [1] create conditions for real growth; [2] gain a sense of the interdependent relationships among people, things and places; [3] cultivate clear communication and [4] become meaning makers and mentors. He knows how to attract the attention and interest of his audience, leading them to focus their energies on what matters most for developing their personal, interpersonal, and organizational effectiveness; increasing their performance and achieving desired results.

He mentors individuals, teams and organizations on how to: establish and sustain credibility; design and develop a positive reputation; measure “Return On Influence”; and provide experiences and solutions which make meaningful contributions to stakeholders.

LeRoy uses a positive approach to discovering issues which impact culture, relationships, communication and collaboration. He is known for his innovative thinking, business development strategies and implementations.

LeRoy’s innovative thinking facilitated the co-creation of two other technology companies which were among the first to profit from the practical application of digital information compression and retrieval technology.

LeRoy has taught and mentored leaders from 3M, ABSO, BlueShield of California, Boeing; Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company; General Motors; Hewlett-Packard, IRS, Johnson Controls, Merck, Mohawk, Motorola; Nabisco, Novartis, Reader’s Digest; Texaco; ToysRUs, Trane; US Government agencies (city, state and federal) Air Force; Army; Navy; Department of Veteran Affairs; FBI; FDA; FDIC; North Dakota Department of Commerce; Savannah Chamber of Commerce.

LeRoy Maughan

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