Lessons From The Legends, Fundamentals of Success by George Madiou

An Endorsement of Lessons From The Legends by Brian Biro

Lessons From The Legends by Brian Biro is a wonderful gift to all who read or listen to this powerful success book. This is a great contribution by Brian Biro on the incredible insight of two most remarkable people who have made an impact on thousands of people both directly and through a ripple effect!

Brian has exposed us to the incredible learning experiences of both John Wooden and Pat Summitt, who taught those they coached in their remarkable careers.

As the publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine for the last 18 years, Brian has blessed us with his teaching and storytelling as the very top, most impactful contributors out of over 300 people who have written for us.

I highly recommend Lessons From The Legends by Brian Biro to all who realize this life we live is NOT a dress rehearsal! Thank you once again, Brian, for making an impact on my life!

George Madiou
5/5 (2)

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