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Debbie MadiouPressure should not come from upline, family, or friends who continually say “make any money yet” but only from within When I got into Network Marketing I wanted to Sprint to the “finish line”. I thought you were NOT supposed to enjoy the journey, just move up the pin levels in my company and as fast as possible. 90 days to an executive income was thrown around often. What I learned is:

Your Network Marketing Business should be treated as a marathon not a short sprint. I learned that pressure should not come from upline, family, or friends who continually say “make any money yet” but only from within. YOU set your standard.

Let go of winning every time. You are not a machine. As long as are you giving an effort that suits your personality and lifestyle and you keep going no matter what, you are a winner! Your job is to give your best effort…that’s it. NULL

Focus on people not recruiting. Stay in the moment with your prospect, and talk about them, not you and your accomplishments. Do not waste your energy on people that would be so great if only they would watch a video! No one prospect will define who you are as a business person nor will they predict what your future will hold for you. This is your business and you have the power to run your marathon. Network Marketing is a learning process.

To learn you must try. If you try you will fail. You must fail to win and to succeed in life. Keep trying, give your best, and keep going NO MATTER WHAT!

The NetworkMarketingMagazine.com is a great place to go to get the resources you need to build the skills sets that help to keep you confident in your business. Take the time to read some of the articles and search out some topics that will help you stay on the road to your success. The team at TNMM is totally committed to you. Please show your gratitude by taking the time to study the contents.


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