Let Freedom Ring by David L. Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxSo really, just what the heck does MLM mean to you? Okay… I’m sure that each of you know the standard answer… it is the abbreviation of Multi Level Marketing. And yes, there’s an entire industry called the MultiLevel Marketing Industry… comprised of several million people around the world and several thousand MLM companies around the world.

WOW… sort of like the automobile industry… or the garment industry… or even the accounting industry… I think by now you have the picture. The MLM industry which is also known as the Network Marketing Industry has been around for over 50 years, and today is one of the most expansive industry’s in the world, with over 100 MILLION people in the direct sales and MLM industry around the world.

Here’s some really shocking information for you to chew on… Upwards of $182 BILLION of goods and services are sold annually/globally through the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry…


and 97% of Americans wish they had a home-based business.

Okay… so now we know a little more about this amazing industry and before we start getting side-tracked here let’s get back to the issue about “what the heck does MLM mean to you?” I believe that’s where this all began.

To me the MLM industry is nearly SYNONYMOUS with the word FREEDOM.


Yup! MLM is an industry where people are working towards not only the creation of “self-employment income” in the home-based industry world… but also it’s really about having the “DREAM OF FREEDOM”. Just think about what type of Freedom can be yours… What’s in it for you?

 Freedom of choice… choice of company/opportunity, choice of whom to work with, when you wish to work, where you wish to work… yada yada yada

 Freedom of lifestyle… I really like this one. Choosing to sit around in your pajamas and slippers, just like my wife, who is my business partner does conducting business over the internet with her computer, building our business in the comfort of our own home with thousands of team partners around the world choosing to live a lifestyle where you can be home with your children and work from your own home

 Freedom of income… this one is really great. YOU determine how much money you want to earn. NOT your BOSS. If you want to earn more… give yourself a raise and do more, sponsor more, sell more, whatever it takes… it’s in your hands to “get more”

 Freedom to travel more… you can travel and do your MLM business anywhere your company is doing business… if you like to travel internationally, you can do that with your MLM business and meet, sponsor and conduct business in international markets… here I am a kid who grew up in the Bronx had a chance to move to the big city, yup NYC, and then when my wife’s family needed us, we had the ability to move out to beautiful Bucks County PA.. freedom to do our business wherever we wanted!

 Freedom to live wherever you choose… now this is amazing. Why do you have to live in Dallas or New Jersey or anywhere you are currently living? Your MLM business is throughout the USA and many other

countries… you only need a phone, internet connection, your computer and sure your passport too!

 Freedom to spend more time with your family… that’s a great one. Imagine having breakfast with your family, having lunch with your family and being around for dinner. Imagine YOU choosing when you want to go on your family vacation… OH, and your MLM business while on vacation? Hey, don’t forget your computer and make sure to take your cell phone and get an internet connection where you travel to with your family! Take your MLM business on vacation with you and your family!

 Freedom to do, have, be, live, enjoy, achieve… it’s all possible through this amazing industry called MLM.

Well then… the bottom line is; What The Heck Does MLM Mean To You? No matter how you slice it that is why we all join this industry because of the HUGE benefits called FREEDOM. Your freedom, my freedom… we all want the same thing, that’s why we’re all here… 56 million of us in fact!

Many people join MLM and say it’s “all about the money”. Sure, you’ve got a huge potential to earn a lot of money, but really, what’s the money for?


ANSWER: To do what we want to do when and where we want to do it.

My friends that’s called MLM FREEDOM. That’s why we’re all in the “game”.

I know, I know we want to believe it’s the money. But what’s the money for? To do what we want when we want. There’s that freedom-to- do stuff. Again.

I love this country… America is the Land of the Free…hey, there’s that word again…FREE as in FREEDOM.

We all want the same thing folks and it’s all here for each of us. Freedom of choice; freedom to create our futures as we see them, basically freedom in every sense of the word.

And really, isn’t that what network marketing/MLM is all about?

Think about this thought… Freedom from living in the “Rat Race” … Freedom from others deciding your future.

The backbone and spirit of MLM is driven worldwide by the “quest” for Freedom.


Folks, it’s the spark in the “newbies” eyes that is igniting their fires and in the hearts of so many around the world…

And so I say to all of you “Let Freedom Ring” across not only America but throughout the world. It is truly the soul of MLM… and each of us as network marketing members have the spirit within us… so let’s bring it to everyone we can… let’s touch their hearts and spirits because we know that so many millions of people are looking for that elusive Freedom… that opportunity that we can deliver to them… that gift that we offer to all is so special because we are the Voice of Freedom… we keep the doors open 24/7 in this incredible MLM industry and we are the power that transforms those who have the Vision to see what we do.

This is who we are… we are the new power and force of the MLM industry and we’re here to offer the message of Freedom to all.

I leave you with this final quote by FDR;

“True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.”


Isn’t that what we have to offer? WOW, does that ring true to me!

To get the real innovative marketing knowledge and training, so you can be at the cutting edge of using technology to build your network marketing business correctly, visit; http://www.davidlfeinstein.com



Let Freedom Ring by David L. Feinstein

David Feinstein

David Feinstein

David L. Feinstein has been published by Pro-Publishing Company of California, for a series on Leadership books.

Exposure to business at an early age along with cultivation of artistic talent in writing is the background that David Feinstein brings to his business associates, prospective candidates and audiences alike. His experience throughout his career in sales and marketing and having owned and operated his own international accounting & financial management services company, is a key success factor in helping develop his international notoriety in the network marketing industry.

David and his wife, Ann have been significantly involved in direct marketing and direct sales for 21 years, serving as a distributor (team member), speaker, trainer, Top Leader, and author in the industry on a worldwide basis. Working together, they coach, mentor and train those seeking empowerment, greater self esteem and branding image, and training people seeking financial success and personal life freedom. David and Ann have grown their business that today spans over 40 countries with over 65,000 team members.

For more information go to: www.AnnandDavidFeinstein.com

Mr. John Fogg of MLM/Network Marketing, author of “The Greatest Networker in the World” has said the following about myself and wife/partner Ann:

“It's been a looonnngg journey from their "weird" first exposure to network marketing where Ann— a Park Avenue Research Consultant, and David— the owner of an entertainment management firm handling the careers of rock stars such as (the early) Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper, Phil Collins, and other famous others, found themselves at a meeting full of strange "new agers" from Sunrider— that was 21 years ago— to where they are today: Significant six-figure income earners with Agel Enterprises leading an organization of more than 65,000 people in 40+ countries around the world.

Above all else, Ann & David are focused on mentoring and leadership. Their combined expertise in recruiting, coaching, training and international development has made Ann & David much sought after direct sales business experts.

The Feinstein’s approach marries both classic MLM and the technology advances of the Internet and social media. The first people they have their new people speak with are family and friends, they do meetings, build for and around events and David even unabashedly asks people, "Do you keep your business options open."
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