“Let me ACTS you a question” By Cody Wasial

Cody Wasial

Are you acting or are you serving?

In all my businesses it was always my character that brought more clients. However, my character is better identified as my heart, passion, care, and ability to see what people needed.

This is called service – Heart centered service.

When you are serving from a place of true authenticity.

From the space within that truly desires to provide others with tools, support, or products they can utilize to improve their lives your character will never be in question.

Operating from your zone of genius backed by heart. The true motivation inside to help others, over time becomes your reputation. 

The community, your peers, businesses, etc see your authentic character over and over and they won’t be able to stop talking about it. 

This grows your reputation. 

So let me ask you a question.

Do you have your ACTS together? …..

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Cody Wasial
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