Let’s Define Leadership by John Terhune

Leadership is a responsibility of being a human being.

Leadership is not about position and not about a title.

Leadership is about example.



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Listening to John’s definition of leadership, how can you adopt this definition into your business so others can be compelled to follow you?

John Terhune
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  2. Avatardiedra.stinson@gmail.com

    This is exactly my plan of leadership – to raise the bar on my standard of BE-ing and inspire others to do the same. Just yesterday – October 12, 2020 – I formed a Facebook group and called it “The League of Phenomenal Ladies”. As I was writing the rules of the group, I stated what I require of any woman who will seek to join my group. It is my desire to have ladies arrive with a desire to be MORE than they are upon entry, to diligently study personal development and to share with the group what they learn as proof that they are seriously and purposefully taking up space in the group and bringing their best to the table to be worthy of their membership in my group of The League of Phenomenal Ladies.

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