The theme of this month’s issue of The Network Marketing Magazine is “Goals – Do We Need Them?”  That’s actually a rhetorical question, right? Because we already know the answer, don’t we?

J.C. Penny once said,

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal, I will give you a person who will make history.

Give me a person without a goal, and I will give you a stock clerk.”

So, if the question is, “Goals – Do we need them?” we need to answer the question with a question.  The answer is: “It depends. Do you want to be a stock clerk or a person who makes history?”

To me, the real question is:

What kinds of goals do you need?”

Once again, the answer comes in the form of a question:

          “It depends – what kinds of Results do you want in your life?”  

Better Financial Results?  That will require Financial goals.

Better Health?  That will require Health and Nutritional goals.

Closer Connection to your Deity?  That would require Spiritual goals.



What about “financial goals” for having LESS of something, not more?

How about “Less debt?”  That’s a goal, right?

How about getting “Lower credit card interest rates?” A worthy goal.

How about “Legally Paying Less in Taxes?”

Let’s talk about that last one for a minute…  

It’s really how much you keep that counts, not how much you make, right?

If one of your financial goals were to be “Reduce My Income Taxes by $3,000 to $5,000 a Year, Beginning This Year,” do you know that would be an easily attainable goal for almost anyone in the network marketing business?

To put an extra $3,000 to 5,000 cash in your pocket, you could work harder and make an additional $5,000 to $8,000 so that, after taxes, you’d have $3,000-$5,000 left.

That’s one way.  The other, far easier, the way would be to qualify for enough home-business tax deductions to jack up your TAX REFUND by $3,000 to $5,000 without any additional work or time required.

Let’s make a very conservative estimate of how much money your HBB tax deductions could produce for you in NEW, ADDITIONAL tax REFUNDS:

                                                            Additional Tax REFUND Amounts

Business Use of your HOME                                      $3,000

Business Use of Personal VEHICLE(s)                       $2,500

Getting 100% Deductions for ALL HEALTH COSTS    $3,000

Hiring your KIDS to work in your HBB                         $2,000

Writing off Business TRAVEL expenses                      $2,000

Writing of Business MEALS                                       $1,000

SAVING 20% TAXES on your Business Income          $1,500

                                                                                $15,000 in NEW tax REFUNDS

That’s $15,000 in tax savings, and it is based on low-ball estimates.  Who can deny that a home-based business such as network marketing offers a tax savings bonanza?


(Kept in the dark and fed bu****it)

Folks, we’re not talking rocket science here.  These deductions are published in the Tax Code.  The requirements to qualify are not difficult.  Easy recordkeeping requirements are clearly spelled out.

Then, why aren’t all network marketers taking advantage of all the deductions passed for the express purpose of encouraging the growth of small business in America?

Sadly, the answer is that your company, your leaders, your upline are not telling you about massive tax advantages that you already qualify for, but just don’t know about.

Why not? You tell me. I’ve been a vocal small-business tax educator for nearly two decades. My plain-English, step-by-step guide has been reviewed by the IRS for accuracy and completeness. They didn’t ask for a single change! That book is now in its 18th consecutive annual edition.

Why don’t you know about it?  Ask your upline. Ask your company’s top money-earners.  Ask your Corporate leaders.  Ask them, “Why are you hiding this information from me?”

Why is it that all they want to tell you and teach you, is how good their products are; how strong the company is; how their product is better than everything on the market; and even how moral and ethical and people-focused they are.

Think about it.  Your company is nothing without you, its distributors.  If they are so moral and ethical and people-focused, why isn’t a little of that focused on the moral and ethical obligation to help you become tax-smart as a small-business owner?

I do not know the answer. For two decades the answer has evaded me. If this situation is ever to change, the change must come within. It must start with you.

As we focus on Goals, the theme of this issue of TNMM, a highly worthy goal for you might be to get your company to finally begin providing at least basic small-business tax education to ALL of their distributors, beginning with the newest sign-up.


The author, Dr. Ronald R. (Ron) Mueller, is the author of “WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” and the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.”  His website is www.HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com.

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