Let’s Talk About 4 Letter Words! by Jan Ruhe

Jan RuheImagine, the right 4 letter words and you have a solid system to follow It’s important that you not only think about, but use and act on 4 letter words. I am sure your immediate reaction is probably, “she’s got to be kidding!” Sell is not a 4-letter word. Take Time- Your business needs your time and attention. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself and your family. Know Need- Are your needs to make money, to do something special for yourself or others, do you know your customers needs? Plan Your Goal- Do you want to earn a trip, buy a new car, or to pay cash for all of your holiday gifts? Break your goal into manageable pieces and go to work on your goal. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Plan to work, work your plan and plan to succeed. NULL

Make List- Who do you know who would benefit from your products? Call- Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Book Demo- Fill your calendar with bookings early in the year and for the rest of year you just go show your products. It’s not what you know, it’s what you show. Work Hard- To success takes work, go the extra mile, giving that extra push to get yourself where you want to go. Talk- Tell people what you are doing. Why are you excited? What wonderful products do you have? Stores or catalogs do not provide the service you can provide. Live Life- To fully live life you must participate in and contribute to life. You cannot sit back and expect success to come to you; you must make it happen. Make Cash- It’s fun to make money selling your product and opportunity! Go ahead and enjoy it, don’t just sock it all away and horde it! Use money to enjoy life! Grow Rich- Grow rich by enriching the lives of others and grow monetarily rich and financially free by building your business but only by recruiting/sponsoring many others who you teach to do the same! Great News- The great news is that you can reach your goals, you can succeed beyond your wildest expectations! Just pass the great news of what you are doing!


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