“Lift The Lid ” By John Hackett Ed.D.

Using  Five Laws to  Become Someone Who Others Want to Follow

All network marketers begin their business wanting to be successful. The individual network marketer learns and practices the skills to grow a successful personal business. A network marketer who seeks to reach new heights of success in their sector realizes they can not do it themselves.

Building a thriving, sustainable and scaleable business requires much more than personal achievement. This level of success depends on the individual network marketer developing the skills to lead others and help them develop.

This network marketer helps develop others and become leaders who know how to attract and develop others to follow and lead. The result can be a thriving, growing, sustainable business benefiting many. This type of success in network marketing or any other endeavor can’t happen in solo success.

To build a hugely successful business, the network marketer must attract followers and develop them into leaders. It really is simple math.

A network marketer with a solid business expands their success by attracting and helping others be successful, so they attract others and on and on.

The way to attract followers and develop leaders to achieve thriving, sustainable, and scaleable success is not through massive individual sales, marketing, or niches. These are all undoubtedly wonderful, yet they may not attract followers to achieve the highest achievement.

The path to developing a thriving, sustainable scaleable business is leadership.

This may seem odd, but it is true in any organization, especially in network marketing. People join network marketing organizations because they are attracted to the person who will be their leader.

The first step to attracting followers to develop into leaders and create sustainable scaleable success is for the leader to learn how to be a leader themselves first. This process does not result from a title, personality, or even individual high sales and sharing.

Leadership is a learned set of skills. The first person that must learn those skills to attract followers and develop leaders to lead others must be the leader.

In a recent Maxwell Leadership webinar, Leadership Expert John Maxwell noted, “If you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead others? Before leading others, you have to lead yourself first. The network marketer aspiring to be the person people are attracted to and follow has to, as Maxwell says, “lift the Lid ” They must develop themselves first as a leader to attract others by following what he calls the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

During this recent webinar, Maxwell described the laws in the 25th-anniversary third edition of the internationally acclaimed bestseller  The 21Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

This book is among the most often cited Leadership books selling over four million copies. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to develop themselves as a leader to attract followers and develop them into leaders. This article will briefly summarize five of these 21 Laws to guide a network marketer or any aspiring leader in developing leadership skills to attract others. 

1. The Law of the Lid

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