Listening Your Way to Success by Carol McCall

Carol McCallThe TOP TEN factors that have proven over and over to be the “guarantee” that “listening” works! I have dedicated five decades to the practice and mastery of listening. I have chosen these factors as the TOP TEN that have proven over and over to be the “guarantee” that “listening” works! I’m going on record to dispel the persistent myth that “listening is hard”. Actually “listening” is “easy”. There’s the action of remaining “focused” that requires the practice. So here’s my “guarantee” that when you PRACTICE these TEN factors, your success is attainable. Remember:

“PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!” ~ author unknown

1. PRACTICE: Be passionate about practicing listening. That means use listening every opportunity that is presented. No worries. The world is waiting to be heard, and it will give you ample situations to practice. Become a “listening ambassador”. Be the first in your circle to become a “masterful listener”. Practice with everyone. NULL

2. FOCUS: Be willing to “focus/listen” intently. Focus is the core ingredient that eliminates wasted effort , time and distractions. Stay focused on the communication. Stay focused on the question, answer and/or topic. Too often, people suffer from attempting to “listen” to too many subjects at one time, rather than listening to the subject at hand. 3. CONSISTENCY: Success in listening comes from consistently practicing listening. There is no such thing as immediate success or mastery in listening. It takes time and consistency to achieve success. Focus on mastering one listening tool at a time and let the results be what they will be. Have respect for your learning style. You will succeed. 4. ENJOY THE JOURNEY: The road to success is “well traveled”. Enjoy the journey. You will be encouraged to strive to achieve your “goals”. Yes! And… success also includes celebrating the milestones along the way. Have a joyous time. Celebrate during the journey, while you practice reaching success. 5. TRUST YOUR INTUITION: Life brings many variables. Too often people communicate from M.S.U., (making stuff up) inaccurate assumptions that give false meanings and a false sense of security. Your intuition is always right! Practice following your intuition and observe how well and how many times the communication works successfully! 6. PERSISTENT FLEXIBILITY: Each listener must practice being agile; continually learning and adapting as new situations arise. At the same time remain devoted to the practice and mission of your mastery of listening. “when in doubt, check it out!” This is where your intuition becomes your most powerful tool. Often success is waiting right after the transitional pause that’s disguised as failure. 7. PEER PRACTICE: It’s a simple fact: no individual masters EVERYTHING! Success requires a team of people to support the process of practice. Take the time to find the peers who are willing to champion you to master the skill set required to be a successful listener… and then practice, practice, practice. 8. FOLLOW THROUGH: “Guaranteed success” comes from “flawless execution”. Follow through, adaptation, and taking action, rather than hypothesizing and “figuring out”. Be BOLD and FOLLOW THROUGH! 9. BE BOLD: It takes courage to be bold. Boldness is also a factor in being focused. Boldness does not mean being rude! Being bold means having the integrity and courage to be completely honest and authentic in that moment. 10. EMPOWER: Success is more imminent when the listener empowers the speaker. On your journey to success, lots of people will have “listened” to you. Listen completely, with focus, compassion and unattachment. It is your responsibility to “give back” with empowered listening. Thank you for Listening! Carol McCall, PhD., M.C.C. © Copyright 2001. The Institute for Global Listening and Communication. All Rights Reserved.


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