Listen Your Way to Success by RS Mallory

RS Mallory

RS Mallory

How do you discern what motivates others? This is not a trick question, but it IS the Secret to Success in Networking. You may have a Deep Conviction that your chosen field (Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM) Benefits others and your Success is Manifest by that Conviction and Intention, but how do you discern what motivates others? This is not a trick question, but it IS the Secret to Success in Networking.

Once you find out what your prospects’ needs, skill sets, history, desires, goals and talents are, you can Begin to understand their motivation(s) for success and whether or not they are a good fit for your company and team.

How do you DO that? By developing your Listening Skills. Remember how you FELT when you were a child and came running into the house, excited to share something with your Mom or Dad and they brushed you away with a hand or “not now, Sonny, can’t you see I am busy?” NULL

Think about that for a moment! Human nature and our FEELINGS always prevail in our day to day living, and when someone ignores or brushes us aside, they inadvertently De-value us and make us FEEL like we are not worthy, interesting, valuable or experienced. CONVERSELY, when we Learn how to Listen, we can then instill and honor the person’s Worthiness, Value, and/or Expertise. The world we live in is frenetic and fast, and most people don’t slow down enough to Listen to others, nor do they understand the Power that doing so gives them. When you Listen to a prospect, you discover what makes him tick, what his dreams and goals are and whether or not he might enjoy your product(s), be coachable, make a contribution and be successful with your company and team. When you Listen to a prospect, you honor HIM, the person. Developing good Listening Skills is not difficult. Always be prepared with a clean sheet of paper, a large index card or the like when you make contact with a prospect and keep a file with that information for future conversations. If you are like me, you will realize that you cannot remember every detail of a conversation with each person you contact and converse with, and being able to create a “cheat sheet” will enable you to rekindle that “Feeling of Interest” your prospect felt when you can ask, for instance, about his new baby, anniversary trip, son’s graduation, etc.

RECOGNITION is one of the most Powerful motivators in the world, and people will climb and move Mountains to achieve it, so when you are able to recognize a tidbit from a previous conversation you are empowering your prospect with the knowledge that you HAVE HEARD HIM and CARED enough about them to remember a detail or two.

You bring VALUE to this person and to their life! Remember, Success is Manifest by Conviction and Intention, and fueled with desire, a sense of personal worth, value and a deep desire for Recognition. ALWAYS Listen more than you speak. ALWAYS take notes. ALWAYS contribute back a piece of information you learned FROM your prospect and they will be ready to climb the mountain with you! Copyright ©2012 RS Mallory


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