Live The Adventure by Chris Widener

ChrisWidnerThink of an adventure that you might like to take. Maybe it is a trip to a foreign country or a major destination in your own country. Maybe it is to climb a mountain or float down the Amazon. Whatever works for you, picture what that would take. Got it? Good, now let’s see what the common characteristics of a good adventure are and apply them to our lives. In doing so, you will shift your perspective and see how your own day-to-day life can be an adventure!

1. A desire to see something new:

When we set out on an adventure, we are usually looking for something new. We are looking to break out of the doldrums and get to somewhere we have never been before. What about in life? Are you constantly looking for something new to experience? Take some time soon to experience something new. That will put some adventure in your life!

2. A desire to see something grand:

People on adventures usually pick something larger than life, something grand. Do you think anybody would go to see the “Tiny Canyon?” No way. But hundreds of thousands of people adventure their way to the Grand Canyon. What about your life? Is there anything grand that you are pursuing? Is there anything bigger than life that you are striving for? Take some time soon to pursue something grand. That will put some adventure in your life!

3. A desire to learn:

Lots of people take adventures to learn about something. This makes Washington, DC a popular adventure spot with all of its history. You can spend days there! Your eyes and mind are always being opened and it is enjoyable. What about your life? Are you involved in anything that causes you to continually learn and grow intellectually? Take some time to stretch yourself to learn something. That will put some adventure in your life!

4. A willingness to be diverted:

Part of a vacation adventure is that you can be diverted and it is okay! That is part of the fun. Yes, we want a clear destination but sometimes it is the diversions that bring us the spice of life. What about you? Are you diversion averse? Maybe you need to let yourself get out of the box sometime. Try this: The next time you have the possibility for a fun diversion, take it. Life is short and you can take some diversions. That will put some adventure in your life!

5. An expectation that there will be breakdowns:

Have you ever gone on a family vacation that didn’t have breakdowns? Not many. But when all is said and done, aren’t those the things we laugh at years later and remember clearly? You know, “Remember Dad getting mad that the car had broken down and he slammed his finger in the door and started hopping around so much he fell in a ditch of water? And when he came up for air he had mud on his face? What a riot!” Even dad laughs at that – later! What about your life? Are you frustrated by the breakdowns? Try looking at them from the perspective you will look at them from 20 years from now. That will put some adventure in your life!

6. A focus on fun:

Whatever the adventure is, we usually expect it to be fun, don’t we? Well, life can be fun too. In fact, I require that life be fun! What about your life? Is it “all work and no play makes Jack or Suzie a dull boy or girl? Get out and have some fun my friend! That will put some adventure in your life!

7. A clear destination:

Ultimately, our adventure usually has a clear destination. It may be the top of the mountain. It may be the goal of getting your whole family together at a resort. Whatever it is, it has a clear destination. It is the goal, and it is what gives us purpose. What about your life? Do you have a clear destination you are working toward? Set your sights on a clear destination! That will put some adventure in your life!

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