Look in the Mirror by Chad Bumgarner

Chad BumgarnerWhere It All Begins…  “Leadership is Influence” – John C. Maxwell. What do you think about when you read that quote? What thoughts are running through your mind right now about the topic of Leadership? We get up every morning, and many of us… probably most of us, have the same routines. Usually it begins standing in front of your bathroom mirror. A lot of people look in the mirror and don’t like what they see. Right there, in my opinion, is where it all begins. It starts and ends with the person that’s looking back at you!

I always tell people, when I’m mad or frustrated in my business…the only person I’m truly upset with, is the one who’s looking back at me in that mirror every morning and night!

 NULL Society is in desperate need of true leaders today and I believe it’s those of us who are in this awesome industry, Network Marketing, who are going to make the biggest impact on this country and world over the next couple of decades! I’ve heard it said many times…“If you want to be successful in life. Observe the masses and do the opposite!” That means, continue to do what you’re doing in this industry! Get out there and share the wonderful news about what you have your hands on with everyone you know, and everyone you run into… on a daily basis! I’m from a town of 23 people and it’s easy for me to get out and meet people… so there’s no excuse there! Read books like, “Leadership & Self-Deception” by The Arbinger Institute. Anything by John C. Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, even the book, “Wooden on Leadership” by John Wooden… the famous UCLA basketball coach! Listen to as many audios as you can that pump you up everyday and continue to fuel that fire that is burning deep, down, inside of you… of wanting to make a difference out there in this crazy world of ours!

Focus on improving yourself and forget about all the outside influences like the negative news that’s everywhere we seem to turn today!

Keep moving forward in this game we call….life! I always tell everyone…”Today is a Brand-New Day and Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!” Make it count! Let’s get out there and change people’s lives!

Many of our family and friends, whether we realize it or not, are praying for something to come into their lives right now…. we have what they deserve!

I’ll close with a quote from Matt Parr, one of my favorite Leaders in the business that I’m in. One of Matt’s famous quotes is…“A Leader of One May Someday Be a Leader of Many, but If You Can’t Lead One (yourself) You Probably Won’t Ever Lead Any.” Work harder on yourself than you do on your business! Stay plugged into this awesome online magazine & I look forward to talking to many of you very soon! Make it a great day!


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