Love it or hate it by Linda Yates

LindaYates1There are many purposes to social networking. As with anything I suggest you have a plan and a purpose behind what you do.  Sleeping schedule, latest gadget, moving – what do all of these things have in common? They were all mentioned on a social networking site. Love it or hate it, social networking is here to stay. It is interesting to hear an individual’s opinion of sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Some love the sites and admit to spending way too much time on them while others refuse to use them and don’t want to be found, followed or linked.

If you use this medium correctly you can build your personal brand and grow your business.

I started my social networking years ago with my professional network. I am a big believer in networking period. In fact you can check out my past article –  NULL Add 40 years to your life. Human beings need to feel connected and the busier life gets we often put relationships on hold. This decision is not necessarily on purpose but days pass and our good intentions of sending a note to say hello are missed. Social networking and the ease with which it can be done can renew past relationships and create new ones. There are many purposes to social networking. As with anything I suggest you have a plan and a purpose behind what you do. Being cognizant of what you put on a social site will serve you in many ways. The internet is a powerful tool but remembering whatever is put out there is imprinted and hard if not impossible to remove. Here are some tips to leverage your social networking activities: Fill out the profile Keep information current Areas of expertise should be completed Join groups Comment on the threads for different groups Do not use the Social site solely for prospecting – give useful content and local information. Become the ‘go-to’ expert for your network. Add links to your website Add relevant data to your message and plan Each site has it strengths and audience opportunities. There are also ways to become efficient in your social networking activities. is once such application where you can add all your networking sites and cross post. It’s wonderful! As time goes on and your content becomes sought after you will find that your audience will grow and the opportunities become endless with little out of pocket costs.

Discipline will be key and keeping your priorities in mind as you work your plan. So instead of 40 years being added to your life maybe 60 years will be your blessing.



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