Loving the Road to Success by Omar Periu

Omar PeriuWhen you think about it, it isn’t the goal itself which brings sustained happiness. It is the happiness that sustains continued accomplishments.  When you think about it, it isn’t the goal itself which brings sustained happiness. It is the happiness that sustains continued accomplishments. So, if you are not happy along your journey toward success, it really won’t matter what you accomplish. You will still have an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction.

Happiness is an upward path of positive conscious success decisions.

It is the knowledge that when you faced your last moment of truth, you made the right choice. It can be a little one like foregoing a candy bar or a big one like saying no to that vacation in order to bank the money for a home. There is no insignificant conscious success decision.  NULL

Conscious success decisions are like mental weight lifting. Each rep adds to your endurance and strength, no matter how small. Your mind takes pleasure in each achievement, no matter how small. Just focus on what you are looking forward to. Success compounds itself. Your mind keeps score and tallies the successes. It does not discount one and double the other depending on what it considers to be more important. It simply says, “You are a winner!” Success Really Is Simple Disbelief is one of the most common reasons or excuses most people do not set goals, and the root of their disbelief is most commonly a belief that settings goals is complicated. The problem with this is that disbelief keeps people from experiencing achievement. With no achievement, they do not really believe themselves capable of success. That is why you have to break down the process one conscious success decision at a time and make each one count.

For every positive conscious success decision you make, you are not only one step closer to achieving your goal, but you are more confident in your abilities to achieve.

You feel in control when you see the plan you specifically set up working for you. Do not wait for your belief system to change; waiting to be convinced that goal setting will work. Do not listen to others who may tell you this system is too simple to work. I have already established, and you should believe by now, that you have already been using this process in your life, maybe just not consciously or applied to all areas. To remind yourself of how easily you can do this, you have to set goals first and let your belief increase with every success.

Belief increases in direct proportion to accomplishment.

The more you do, the more you believe yourself capable of doing. You really get this picture when you keep that notebook of achieved goals I have talked about in our earlier columns, and look back over the ones you once thought were this side of impossible to achieve. What seemed impossible yesterday will be a piece of cake today. You will soon be amazed at how your belief has expanded to include goals you never would have though of a year ago. Not only will your goals grow, but making a habit of positive conscious success decisions will enable you to reach them that much quicker, thus taking you from comfort to discomfort and back to comfort at a rather rapid rate.

You see, if you are totally comfortable with all of the goals you have set, you probably have not pushed yourself enough. Goals are about making you reach.

Stretching yourself toward greater heights of achievement. Without that feeling of challenge, you have set your sights too low and their achievement won’t mean all that much to you, but if that is what it will take to get you started with the system, do it! The main thing to remember about reaching your goals is that everyday, in every way, your goal must be all consuming. That means that all action intents are moving you towards what you want, instead of away from what you want. It is important that you realize that you are where you are because of thousands of choices you have made up to this point. If you want more, and who doesn’t, then you must make this premeditated goal system a daily habit, because daily habits lead to weekly habits, monthly habits and so on. I wish you great success on all of your premeditated goals.


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