Luck Changes When You Face the Three Largest Network Marketing Challenges by Lou Abbott

Lou AbbottHow would you like a way to attract high-quality prospects who pay you to find them? Would that make a difference as to how large you could build your business? And in how fun and exciting it would be? Sound impossible? Many have asked why I have written, spoken and trained so much on the top challenges that networker marketers face. I answer in one short sentence:

“Know your enemy.”

That view is most credited to 15th century Italian statesman Niccolo Machiavelli. He, and others, combined the art of political science with the psychology of human nature to teach the art of warfare. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.” Those who understand their opponents win wars. The great Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu wrote in his “Art of War”, “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.”  NULL When so many in the Network marketing industry are touting unfounded promises of “easy wealth,” when so many ads proclaim that “all you have to do is sign up, we will do the rest,” when the biggest promise of all is that building a “massive, leveraged, residual income” is easy, you need a clear voice to help you truly understand the enemies of your success. Because those “enemies” do exist, or else everyone would be making money in MLM and clearly, that is not the case. When we are ignorant of the enemies of our success, when we don’t know how to make them our friends, our success is in grave peril. So, here are… The Three Biggest Enemies of the Professional Network Marketer In this article, I will give you the three largest enemies, the three largest challenges to success in network marketing. I intend to spend the most time on “Enemy #2.”

But if we are talking about “luck” and network marketing, we need to understand and face all three of these top “enemies.”

First… Enemy #3 – Most people have never learned the skills necessary to succeed.
If a person joins a good company (by The 12 Critical Success Factors™ standard), with good training, support and systems, they should be able to be profitable right out of the gate earning hundreds, even a thousand or more dollars per month. For larger success, however, one must well learn the skills of the trade. The larger the success desired, the more these skills have to become second nature. This takes both time and commitment to master. Some of these skills include good communication, goal-setting, accountability, leadership, time-management, focus, persistence, etc. The good news is that by developing self-improvement habits, and applying the habits consistently over time, soon you will become a network marketing master. Jim Rohn put it this way:

“You don’t have to change that much for it to make a great deal of difference. A few simple disciplines can have a major impact on how your life works out in the next 90 days, let alone in the next 12 months, or the next 3 years”

This is a continuing challenge for those who aspire to great success in network marketing. That said, there is much available, a lot of it free, from excellent trainers. is a veritable treasure trove of valuable information, ideas, and priceless training. I recommend its use in our organization along with the consistent habit of investing in personal growth. It’s amazing how much “luckier” you get when your skills and attitudes are ready for the opportunities that come your way – and they always do – when you are ready for them. Enemy #2 – Most people simply do not have enough good people to prospect.
I list this huge challenge as the #2 biggest obstacle to building a significant network marketing income because it doesn’t matter how many skills you have or how great a communicator you are, if you don’t have anyone to communicate with! Or, not enough people to communicate with. And, no matter what anyone says, unless you know or regularly meet lots of high-quality prospects that are interested in new business ideas, you will need a continual way to find them. Understand that network marketing companies pay us for “access” to people, people who will be customers of the company’s products and business plan. They pay us for our endorsement. And, they pay best of all for our leadership, which creates more customers, business builders, and leaders. Bottom line, we have to be able to consistently bring “good” people to the company. What Is a “Good,” High Quality Prospect?
The ideal prospect for a network marketer is an already successful person that knows, or is known by, a lot of people and who has the respect of those people. In industry terms, it is a person that has a large, responsive, “warm market.” This successful person must also have a big reason why they would want to do something different. There are also “professionally discontent” people out there that are literally praying right now for new inspiring career direction. If you are one of these people, or if you know a lot of people like this, or if you are willing to learn how to meet and approach people like this, you may be all set to build a large business. For most people though, that is not the situation.

Most people simply don’t have enough people to contact that they already know, and they don’t know how to effectively expand their “warm market.” This is a critical skill that needs to be learned.

Sometimes though, on the advice of others, they start calling “business opportunity seeker” leads. Unfortunately, most of the time those prospects don’t have two nickels to rub together. Most have nothing better to do than sit around and surf the Internet looking for the magic bullet that will make them rich. And, frankly, most will waste far too much of your valuable time. Another common recommended method to meet this challenge is known as the “Three Foot Rule.” Again, this is a skill that can be learned. But often, the idea pretty much ends up with people pestering every person within three feet of them over and over, until that person gives up or goes into hiding. It is one of the techniques that, when done poorly, has helped give MLM a bad reputation in many people’s minds. The problem is, both of these approaches are tantamount to trying to find a needle in a haystack. They will work, if you have enough time and patience. Most people do not have enough of either. A third way to find people is to advertise for prospects. In one MLM company where our group reached well into 6-figure per month volume, advertising is what helped me build my business. This is the area where I would like to go into more depth in this article. The method I used was rather brilliant because it solved this second largest challenge for me, at least for a while. Though I confess, it was not my idea. I was working with a top industry earner; let’s call him Ted. Ted was making well in excess of $1,000,000 per year at the time. So here was the ad I ran: I made over $1,000,000
in each of the last 5 years in a simple, no stress,
relaxed lifestyle, home-based business.
Now I am looking for two people to
teach my turnkey system.
Call 24 hour hotline, 800-xxx-xxxx Ad responders would call the toll-free number where they would hear him say about the same words that were in the ad, give an admonition to “not waste” his time if they were tire kickers, and instruct them to leave their name, number and address so we could send them further information. I would then, mail out an audiotape with the sales message about our program in Ted’s voice. All that was left for me to do then was call up, say I worked with Ted, and I needed to know if they listened to the tape and if they wanted to learn more. I found a lot of new people to talk to with this method. It also solved ano
ther challenge for me that EVERY new networker faces.

The Credibility Challenge Solved

All of us, when we get started, have never had success in network marketing— maybe not at any business venture ever— and we lack the credibility necessary to really attract top quality prospects. So I “borrowed” credibility from Ted! It worked great. Whenever I called, I simply associated myself with him— with his permission, of course; he was my 2nd upline. Anyone can figure out a way to do that and should have someone in their company or the founder of their “system” that would be willing to do that for a serious team member. At any rate, that whole approach worked very well for me— for a while.


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