Scheduling for Success with M. Susan Patterson by Stacey Hall

My guest in the studio this month is M. Susan Patterson.

As an experienced teacher and trainer, Susan guides women to find their true voice, speak their truth, and grow into their power.

Guiding others and sharing wisdom is part of Susan’s approach to writing as well as teaching.

Sharing truth is, of course, the basis of true education and growth; through her own experiences and lifelong learning from great teachers, she meets women where they are in their own process of growth and helps them to move forward with confidence into a future they build with their own power and veracity.

Helping women to see their own potential, energy, and strength is a passion that has grown stronger over the past few years and energizes Susan to pursue her dream of seeing women empowered on every level.

She revealed during our interview how she uses the PGA (Priorities, Goals Activities) Method I shared in my article in this month’s issue of TNMM to schedule for success and achieve her goals.

Watch here…

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Stacey Hall
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