Make Every Connection Count! by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Bonnie Ross-ParkerWe simply never know in what way that impact will affect someone else!  I love this month’s topic: The Best Networkers Offer Value! As networkers, daily, each of us has the ability to impact the people we meet , our friends and family members and the individuals in our organization. What is especially exciting about this? We simply never know in what way that impact will affect someone else! Maybe it will be something we say. Maybe the value will be in making an offer, a suggestion or providing a resource. Maybe it will be in mentioning an opportunity that will forever change the direction of another person’s life.

Those who truly look at networking and network marketing as a profession recognize the potential and power one has simply by giving the best of ourselves to others.

The concept of making every connection count is based on my own experience that there is no connection too small to yield possibilities. NULL

Who can determine the value of a smile, a kind word, an invitation, a compliment or a helping hand? Almost any conscious and conscientious behavior can be the catalyst to something of greater value than what may appear on the surface. Several years ago I had the good fortune of meeting a young woman at an Atlanta Chamber of Commerce event. She was standing alone and I took the lead in initiating a conversation. When Laura, who turned out to be the program director for a Junior Chamber, found out I was a professional speaker, she asked me to present at an upcoming event. While I am not inclined to offer my talent for ‘no fee’, her warmth won me over and I accepted. That one experience, alleviating her discomfort by starting a conversation, led me to a paid engagement in Germany. It was Laura who recommended me! Talk about the power of being a networker who offers value! I could never have imagined how that one encounter at a chamber after hours could produce the result it did.

We simply never know who we will meet and the impact that encounter can have on someone else. We can never know the impact someone else can have on us simply because we choose to network.

If that’s not reason enough to make every connection count, we can look at networking from a different perspective. For example, think about how many of us decide on the products and services we buy. I’m willing to bet, in most cases, we rely on a suggestion from someone we value! We ask for advice from people we trust, who care about our best interests and who we know well. We spend money with people who prove to be trustworthy and they do the same. Except for the supermarket, most of the products/services I use are the direct result of my networking contacts. And, many of those individuals are network marketers. From my perspective there’s additional confidence knowing that the decision you make to spend money with people you know, not only supports them, but acknowledges those individuals because they are working hard and committed to what they offer. They bring us value in having done their own research and by backing what they sell to us in the best of products and services. Next time you are out and about networking, give some thought to what you bring with you and into the marketplace. Whether it’s your enthusiasm, your genuine concern for others, your huge data base of resources, an opportunity or simply a wining smile and attitude, people are watching what you do and listening to what you say.

Choose to leave positive, indelible imprints everywhere. You are valuable and others will easily recognize your wonderful qualities if you give them your best every time and everywhere.

Choose to make every connection count. Anticipate amazing results! Until next time, Bonnie Ross-Parker


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