Make your life a Masterpiece by Johnna Parr

Johnna ParrYour whole life can change in an instant— the day you decide WHO and WHAT you’re committed to HAVING and BEING in your life. By the end of my first year I doubled my corporate recruiting income, while still being a full time mom. Matt Parr, the gentleman who introduced Team National to me, walked away from the Pharmaceutical Company in 4 months. His part-time business was out earning his full time job. After about a year of working together, we worked so well together, we wound up falling in love and getting married. Our business has continued to increase and flourish. After we got married, we were able to get out of debt. We paid off the credit cards, bank loans, and cars. We also paid off our mortgage 25 years early. Today we are earning over four times what our corporate incomes used to pay us, but are able to do this while having the free time to enjoy our life. So, how do YOU go from where you are to where you want to be? First of all, understand that our lives are made up of decisions and choices.  NULL

My life today is so positive and full of joy because I CHOOSE to be positive and full of joy. I have decided that this is how I am going to live and be.

It wasn’t always like that for me. The Johnna of today is a world apart from the Johnna when I was introduced network marketing. I was miserable and negative, I felt like a failure. And most of all I was scared. My marriage was dissolved; my children were going to be raised in a broken home. I was going to be single mom. If I had goals back then, which of course, I didn’t, these would not have been any of them. I was saddened at this course of events that took place in my life. When I was introduced to network marketing, my upline leaders encouraged me to start dreaming again. Asking me “What’s your dream?” I don’t know if I can speak for any of you, but, I wasn’t necessarily in the dreaming mood. I was surviving, not thriving. I was broke. I was behind on my rent, I was in credit card debt, I was behind on my phone bill, I was behind on my electric bill… I figured out that I was one electric bill away from being Amish. It is so nice to be able to laugh about it now.

I was strongly encouraged to read books. I wasn’t a reader then, I am a reader today.

I read books by Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, and “The Greatest Networker in the World” by John Milton Fogg*… anything that I could get my hands on that could help me improve my life and my attitude, I devoured. I realized something very crucial by reading these books—

Formal Education will make you a living; Self Education will make you a fortune.

I started to wake up and take control of my life. It made me realize that where I was at that time, was a direct result of every decision I made along the way. Not just the big decisions, the little decisions that I was making day in and day out. Where I was physically, emotionally, spiritually, in my relationships, and financially were a direct result of those decisions. It would have been very easy for me to play the victim, to cast blame, it’s this persons fault, it’s the economy’s fault, and it’s my upbringing’s fault. I had to stop blaming and feeling sorry for myself. And I had to take full responsibility for where I was in my life. Was it easy? NO! Was it necessary? YES! I had to take responsibility for all of the decisions I was making up to that point in my life. I had to feel the weight of it. Initially it didn’t feel very good because I hadn’t been making very good decisions. But when I sorted it all out the weight lifted, amazingly.

It was in that single life altering MOMENT, I realized that if I am where I am because of the decisions I have made along the way, that means I can change my course with the decisions I make today into the future.

I felt empowered, enlightened and in control. I could literally shape my future. I decided from that moment on to make my life a masterpiece and become who I was meant to be. Different actions produce different results. If we want to take control of our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. What precedes action? Decision. What determines what actions we take? Decision,/b>. Anthony Robbins writes “It is in the moments of your decisions that your future, your destiny is shaped.”

The decisions that you are making right now, every day will shape your future.

My whole life changed in an instant— the day I decided WHO and WHAT I was committed to HAVING and BEING in my life. In order for me to get where I wanted to go, I had to simply take ACTION. Every ACTION I took in my business brought me closer to my goals. What helped me make the decision to take action was to keep my eyes focused on the prize. I had to have total Faith and Belief that this was going to work for me and I was going to the top. This isn’t any different than any new business. All new businesses are founded on hope. When there is no faith in the beginning, there is no hope of winning. How do you show faith??? How do you show belief?? You simply get out of the boat. It is living and professing as if it already is happening. I believe that what you CONFESS you POSSESS. Words work. The words that come out of your mouth every day will take you to new highs or to new lows. Understand that no one believes YOU more than YOU do. Speak confidently toward your dreams, claim your prize, speak it all into existence and make the decision to take action. In order for you to be a hero for your team and your people, in order to be someone who walks in faith and demonstrates belief to your team, you have got to do something that teaches them to believe. What are you doing? What have you done today? What have you done yesterday that demonstrated to your team and your prospects that you believe more than they do? Which means, as the Leader, I have to do more, I have to believe, more, I have to show more, I have to read more, I’ve have to be more ,,/i>, I have to serve more, I have to be more energetic, I have to be more positive, I have to have a bigger dream than those that I lead.

If our dreams and our visions are smaller than those that we lead, we cease to be the leader.

Make the decision today to take ACTION and DESIGN your life. It is never too late to become who you were meant to be. * The Greatest Networker Platinum Double Book by John Milton Fogg is available by going to the store at


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