Making Life Easier for New Members with Pre Built Websites by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxWould it be nice to be able to hand over the keys to a content ready website to your prospect?

Duplication strategy can empower your team to do more with fewer issues.


One of the biggest ways to reduce new age stress and get members up and running quickly is having your website structure duplicated and ready to publish. Setting up some design elements for a website is not difficult, especially for WordPress, Drupal and even Joomla. There are plenty of free themes available to handle the task. There are hosts that allow multiple sites, you can build the site and hand over the “keys” easy.

Is this a cost effective measure?

There are two different ways of making life easier for your prospects. You can do it the first way, setting up a basic site with the content, layout, picture layout and a blog. There are placeholder short codes that you can employ to help guide your members. They will have to find images and fill in the text with their own. It will save them countless hours of having to do it themselves and you will have given them a gift. They can then develop their site to the fullest potential as possible. The hardest work will be laid upon them. The second option is to provide the formatted areas sections that they can implement into their design. You can draw up plans, publish it in a PDF format with exact guidelines to what your site uses, minus the pictures, and content that you use.

Depending on how you want to handle the duplication effort, the cost could be low or could be high, but remember you do not have to hand out free things. You could mark up a website design and offer it to your prospects for a small profit. The PDF element could be given as a gift to help your newest members. This will take time to write and edit, but the rewards are quite numerous for you. These two elements can ease you into the world of duplication. You can apply these techniques to satellite websites for your endeavors as well and build upon them.

What elements should I duplicate?

This part will vary from person to person. Here is a general guide to help you consider what parts to include.

The content parts, where, how much and other information in the form of a text box can be quite informative.

The same goes for the use of images. Where to find the photos? How often they should be used and where to use them?

The construction of a blog and SEO work may need a video and a guideline.

You should cover keyword research and tools involved with finding the right ones.

How to publish a blog and a basic outline of a blog post and other elements that you think may be helpful to your prospects.

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