Making SMART Marketing work for you and your team by John Hackett

Making SMART Marketing work for you and your team.

Happy New Year! New Years is a time for revelry, reflection, and redirection. The business year may not be ending December 31; it may be just half time.

New Years is an excellent opportunity for network marketers to reflect on what marketing is especially in network marketing and consider few questions about a SMART marketing approach to grow their businesses.

What is marketing?

Wikipedia defines marketing as “the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers with its focus on the customer,” Heidi Cohen provides 72 definitions in “ Actionable Marketing Guide 2018”.She cites that Shenandoah Diaz – President and Master of Mayhem, Brass Knuckles Media saying thatMarketing has little to do with the service provider and everything to do with the customer. Marketing educates and engages the customer, satisfying their needs while simultaneously positioning the service provider as a trusted advisor and source. Good marketing is a two-way street. Great marketing understands what the customer wants and gives it to them.  “

There are many commonalities in these definitions to consider as one would reflect on how to implement a SMART marketing approach. Those common themes are, customer first, building trusting, authentic relationships with our customers and systematically and consistently interacting with customers to build what Ken Blanchard called  “Raving Fans.”

What then is SMART Marketing?

S=Specific Simplified Systematic understandings of who your “Ideal Client”( Our Avatar) is and how you can address their needs over time

M=Meaningful and Measurable criteria to measure progress to meeting customers needs

A=Alligned, Accountable philosophies, and practices understood at all levels of the organization that our culture revolves around serving our customers and supporting each other in the process.

R=Reasonable and Responsible benchmarks are established to measure progress and built-in Review sessions to Refine plans as needed.

T=Time specific benchmarks to maintain our clarity and focus on customer service.Transferable skills that can be taught and monitored in the network.

How do we implement a SMART Marketing plan?

Implementing this model depends on two factors.

1. A leadership team who develop a clear, systematic plan, communicated and as Patrick Lencioni said in The Advantage” “overcommunicated and overcommunicated “to all members at all levels of the team.

2. A systematic model of support for leaders and all members of the network in implementation and follow up. The use of professionally certified coaches and a coaching organization such as the Direct Selling World Alliance can help significantly enhance this process serve customers and developing raving fans.

The New Year is just that, a new start, a chance to re-calibrate and act for Network Marketers. The future is ours as Network Marketers. Consider these three questions and the possibilities and even the support of a coach in the process.

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John Hackett, Ed. D is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, writer, and leader in a variety of educational and other nonprofit and direct sales settings. He has 46 years of professional experience. He has trained, coached, and consulted with school districts, universities, social service agencies, and churches and direct sales organizations, police departments and law firms. He is a growing, learning entrepreneur in coaching and training who is passionate about equipping leaders to develop other leaders to serve.

He has been married for 41 years to Becki a 40-year entrepreneur and had three daughters and two grandsons

John is a certified trainer and coach with the Direct Selling World Alliance. He can be contacted to provide training coaching or consulting at either

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