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George-MadiouThe Hispanic market is one of the fastest growing markets in network marketing today, don’t overlook this powerful group! I always knew that the Hispanic market was the most under served market in our industry today and that’s why we introduced the bi-lingual version of TheNetworkMarketing, in April. As a result, we have been embraced by leaders and companies that appreciate the Spanish/English TNMM version. I have had the privilege to visit recently 7 different company meetings and Super Saturday in Puerto Rico. The thing I was most impressed with was…

The Hispanic market is among one of the most serious and passionate business builders, and they are one of the fastest growing groups in all of network marketing today.

I not only see this in Puerto Rico but I also see this in the Latin market in the US, (with meetings that I have talked at recently in Miami and other locations), Mexico and South and Central America. NULL

Companies that are seeking to grow and don’t have a presence in Puerto Rico or are not embracing the Hispanic markets elsewhere are making a big mistake.

This market is under served, not only in the training arena but also with companies with good products and services, and leaders that are willing to step up to the plate and teach, coach and mentor a segment of the market that is ready to fully engage with your network marketing company.

If you are a Latino networker, help yourself and help your people.

I don’t care if you just got into the business or especially if you’re a seasoned veteran, take a lead role in your company and become the driving force in this market for your company.

If you don’t have a Hispanic background, embrace this market anyway!

You’re not going to find a more loving group of people with a drive to succeed. Almost everyone has a Latino friend or knows a co-worker or church member or neighbor, strike up a conversation. Find out if they have ever heard about your product or service or the income producing opportunity that you have. Ask questions and listen carefully for their needs and what they are looking at for them and their family. If you don’t have an international business already, you’ll likely have one within this next year, making money in a way you have never dreamed of! Aim high! George Madiou


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