Managing your business, your time and your life by George Madiou

George-MadiouTake control, focus and just do it! Managing your business, your time and your life. Is this at all possible? Let’s explore these three managing projects. What does it mean to manage your business? In most cases a business manages it’s owner. How does this happen?

1. Lack of planning. 2. Lack of direction. 3. Lack of vision.

Lack of planning or not following a business plan, becomes a huge obstacle to managing your business.

Without this road map to running your business, you react rather than act upon the important activities critical to the growth and stability of your business.

You want to work off of your plan, which will include time for the unforeseen, since that will surly happen. If you’re working your plan you will be managing your business. NULL

Having a direction to go in is also part of following that plan. When you have a clear direction that starts with what needs to be accomplished this year and then this month, week and then today, will result in you getting where you plan to go. Every day jets leave New York’s JFK airport headed to Los Angeles’ LAX airport. The interesting thing about this activity is almost every jet (if not every jet) goes off course. Because the pilot knows the intended direction he is able to make hundreds of course corrections to eventually land at LAX every time. This would never happen if the pilot lacked direction (and made corrections along the way.)

One of the things that sets a great business apart from a mediocre or failing business is clear vision. When you have a clear vision of what you want and expect for results from your business, that result happens.

This is an activity that develops as an ongoing practice in your business. The clearer your vision the more sure your intended results. Managing your time. Managing your time is another one of those things that if you don’t manage yourself there will be plenty of people who will love to manage it for you (and the benefit will be all theirs, not yours!)

If you’re like most people, the things on your plate are overflowing and you can’t get to it all. Here is the million dollar solution. Focus!

Take the 2 most important things on your plate. Determine the number one thing and take care of as much as you can do for that issue as you can. Delegate what is out of your control and hold accountable the person who you delegate their task to, with a time table for their completion to get it back to you. This way you can take the task back for you to complete this project. Repeat item two the same way. Focus! Don’t let the rest of what’s on your plate take your attention away from these two critical projects. When one of the projects are complete replace it with the next most important one. One last thing, review what is on your plate once a week to determine if it should be on your plate or someone else’s plate. While you are at it make some time available for those emergencies that only you can address and take care of. Managing your life. DON”T FORGET… the most important part of managing your life is to pay close attention to your family. When you make time and attention to your family a priority, managing your life will fall right in line with successful results. Managing your business, your time and your life is up to you. Take control, focus and just do it! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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