Markethive is an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs By Annette Schwindt

Markethive is an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs

George Madiou interviews one of Markethive’s partners, Annette Schwindt on The Network Marketing Magazine Radio Show on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils.


Markethive is not just a media content provider, we are a hybrid social network.

Markethive has the combined powers of Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Ebay, Sales Force and Marketo. These tools are provided free to help you build your business.

To access these tools either login with your current account or sign up for a free account using the email services below.

Referral Program Refer New Members to Markethive

Free Membership in Markethive allows you to earn coin with every post, process, and function within the system.

You must refer 3 or more people to Markethive to activate your faucet. The tutorials system pays you for completing the levels of knowledge.

Upgrading to Entrepreneur, among many of the benefits, found here, you also receive a matching coin bonus for each person that signs up and an advanced CMS control panel for your new “associate leads” found in the Friends section here.

Using the following referral links will help you qualify for the “faucet” and will also gather your associates into the “associate panel” where they will be accesable once you do upgrade to “Entrepreneur”. The coin match will also occur once you upgrade as well.

But do not delay too long once you start collecting “associates” because the matching bonus has a half life of 30 days.

Your current total of referred “associates” are: 1 view Friends/Asscociates

Your Referral Links: 

Profile Page:

Capture Page:

You can edit your capture page by going to the Page(maker) control panel here.

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George Madiou
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