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Author_28387RSMalloryWhat an interesting April Topic; Online vs Offline Marketing! If you are a Baby Boomer, like me (or older), you will remember that in our lifetimes through the early 90’s there was no such thing as “online” marketing. Which begs the question, what did all those multi-million dollar companies actually DO to successfully market their wares? The reason the answer to this question is so important is because even as we embark on ‘online marketing” we must never forget the basic tenants of marketing 101 and incorporate them INTO online marketing if we are to be successful on an ONGOING basis, establishing relationships along the way.


That is secret number 1 – establishing relationships with our prospects and/or customers or business partners. Without relationship, longevity fails. I could write a book about how to establish relationships and why they are important to your successful marketing efforts, whether online or offline, but Bill Porter, the number 1 all time door to door salesman for Watkins Products wrote the definitive book. Gift yourself an education and read Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter (Shelly Brady). 

Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore, or in the spirit of this months topic, wander over to Amazon to order your book right now.


Secret number 2 – when you incorporate the basic success tenants of offline marketing with online marketing, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded AND they will “stick” creating ongoing income.

To be sure, in today’s world we are being bombarded from every email, website, social media and online stores with “stuff” being pushed into our faces. What makes the difference? Knowing how to utilize online marketing as a tool to ENHANCE your offline marketing. I subscribe to the old fashioned, multi-million dollar companies (pre-1990’s) where you have a face to face sit down, personal phone conversations AND I use online marketing as a tool to enhance what I am presenting at the appropriate time OR to make first contact and THEN pick up the phone and start growing a relationship.

Many folks today believe that they can achieve financial success by doing online marketing exclusively. In my humble opinion they are not taking the time to get to know their clients/customers/business partners,

nor are the taking any steps to build and cement that relationship.

Here’s an example: I engage a prospect/customer in a CONVERSATION and find out

~~  what HE is looking for
~~  what his goals are
~~  what is going on in his family
~~  children
~~  circumstances
~~  talents and expertise, etc.

I will also jot down life cycle events such as birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming events that I might honor or celebrate by sending a note or card. Online marketing trolls for the one time customer/sale and even when it DOES follow up, it never establishes the personal relationship, creating a void.

Secret number 3
– if you choose to employ online marketing, be sure to use it as a tool, and ALWAYS make personal contact with the person if you want to create ONGOING (residual) income.

You can USE online marketing to gather prospects or customers but,

you MUST Grow and Maintain the relationship

and allow your customer/business partner/client to FEEL that you are giving them exceptional service, value and personal attention so they will WANT to sustain the relationship, which translates into residual income way into the future.




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