Maximizing Your Compensation Plan by Timothy Hunter

How do YOU create the best plan of success within your MLM Compensation Plan.

MLM has been around longer than most of us and many new distributors and ‘Brand Partners’ are joining the Network Marketing Industry by the thousands each and every day.  The purpose of this Series of Articles is NOT to say which compensation plan is better… but how to make the most money in the one you are currently or newly working.

Let’s start with a brief overview of the major Compensation Plans the MLM Industry has used and how they have evolved and hybridized into so many decades later and how they Internet and Social Media have completely changed the game forever.

The ‘Granddaddy’ of all MLM compensation plans is of course the “Stair Step Breakaway” or just “Breakaway” as it’s lately seem to evolve into.  The Breakaway is maximized by creating as much ‘Spread’ in Commissions between yourself and your new and part-time distributors.   While the precentages vary from company to company, the general rule is you would “Climb the Stair Steps” by ‘Ranking Up’ each Step by hitting set quotas of production and team development.   We will dive into multiple strategies in the future article devoted solely to this subject “How to Make the Most in a StairStep Breakaway”… so stay tuned

Tried and Tested is the “Unilevel”, The Unilevel Pay Plan means everyone starts at the same Level or “Uni Level” and there is no “Steps” to Climb like in the ‘Breakaway’.   A Unilevel Pay Plan can be best maximized by working both “wide” and “deep” in your organization.   Most successful ‘Unilevel’ leaders have worked typical with 7-10 strong frontline leaders on they’re ‘First Level’ and then working “Deep” at least 4 leaders to “Tap Root” and establish a large amount of upline motivation to your team by getting team members below them who are starting to succeed and capture the dream.   More on maximizing your Unilevel Pay Plan in future articles.

Binary blast-off as some distributors have experienced when they see their “Power Leg” take off and explode with momentum especially if you are fortunate to work with a powerful upline or even better a whole team of strong upline leaders who continue to “feed your Power Leg”.   The first time most of saw a Binary Pay Plan we almost couldn’t believe how fast the momentum could grow, especially if you were “Right Place, Right Time”.  If you have to build both “Legs”… well so what? It’s easier than building 7-10 “Legs” in other types of Comp Plans.   There are Proven Strategies for maximizing your Binary MLM Comp Plan coming soon…

The Magic of the “Matrix”, if you have ever been early in a Matrix MLM Compensation Plan at the “Top” or early on it can truly be “Magic”.  I once put my mom and my son in with me at the start of one that had an incredible run.  They both earned over $70,000 in 7 months so I was real popular that year lol.  A Matrix can really be a fast plan to build in, the rub is always been “never seen a Matrix last”.  They are a few, but it is true the Matrix MLM Compensation Plan is not the most common but can really rock, once again if right place right time.  More on maximizing a Matrix soon…

The “Australian 2 Up” or “Board Program” is a rare program can really explode if the product is “hot enough”.  This author has had the good fortune of making money in all of these types of MLM Compensation Plans and understands that leaders can win in all of them.  

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