Maximizing Your Productivity by Honoring Your Values and Life Rules By Dr. Joe Rubino

For the most part, these rules exist in the background. Although they are often concealed from our conscious awareness, they shape our expectations and interactions with others.

Uncovering and becoming aware of these rules or conditions is essential for us to move powerfully forward on purpose. By exposing and clarifying exactly what our expectations or life rules are, we become free to examine just how they support us or hinder us in our relationships and in the achievement of our goals.

When we violate our life rules, the result is a sense of frustration and upset. These rules are based upon our value systems. When we honor our values, life works. When we do not, the result is anger and an end to effective communication with others.

The corollary is most often true as well. That is, when people are not having fun, they are most likely not honoring their values and the result is a decrease in their productivity.

Another way to say this is, “Do what you love to do and the money will follow.” By following your passions, you will be contributing to maximizing your most productive state of mind. Doing what you love most is the best way to live your most important values. Developing a sense of clarity on exactly what your life rules are and which values MUST be honored for your life to work optimally will result in maximizing your personal power.

Carol McCall of The World Institute tells us that values make up the core of who we are. When we live our lives in sync with our values, we function at our highest level. And again, when we fail to honor these essential values, we become angry, and our communication shuts down.

——Some examples of values are:

IntimacyAnd there are many more!

Your values will continually evolve as you do. When you focus on living your life out of following your values, they become honored and satisfied. This allows you the opportunity to then shift your focus to other evolving values.

The key to living a life that is both satisfying and productive is to focus on identifying what your key values are and asking yourself if they are being honored. Until your life and your values are in alignment, life will look like an uphill struggle.

Some examples of life rules that are tied to some of the values mentioned above are:

If I feel that I belong, I can accomplish most anything.
For me to be at my best, there must be open communication.
When I can contribute to others, I am able to maximize my aliveness.
To be able to function at my highest potential, I need to be able to express my creativity.
Without the freedom to do as I choose, life is not worth living.
When I am happy, I am powerful.
I must deal with others with integrity if I am to accomplish anything worthwhile.
When I am at peace, I can focus on achieving great accomplishments.
When I access my personal power, I can concentrate on contributing to others and myself.
When I feel safe and secure, I have the confidence to accomplish any task.

As you can see, when your core values and your life rules are honored, you can step into your power to function at your highest level. When you are not fully aware of your life rules, there is a much higher probability of putting yourself in situations where they can be easily violated.

A common source of conflict between two or more people is when all parties are not familiar with the life rules of the others involved. Resolving conflicting attitudes is facilitated by educating others about what your life rules are and how they are to interact with and treat you. When you train others how to treat you by clearly communicating what is important to you, while making any appropriate requests, you will have accessed more of your personal power.

Likewise, the better you understand what values and life rules are most important to others, the better you will be able to work with them powerfully.
——Honoring your Values and Living in harmony with your Life Rules

1When will you take them?
2Which are being fully honored and which are not?
3What are your life rules associated with each one?
4To what degree are these life rules being honored?
5How has not honoring these values and life rules affected your happiness and productivity?
6What specific actions will you take to begin to honor any that are not fully being respected now?
7By when will you take them?

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