Max’s Recruiting Tip #2 – Actual Conversation Inside by Max Steingart

Max SteingartWalk through an online conversation with a potential prospect… great stuff! A cornerstone of my Endless Free Leads system for online prospecting is the principle of:

Getting prospects to bring the conversation around to talking about your opportunity.

Sounds like a dream come true, no? And darn-near impossible… but it’s not. It’s actually very simple, as you’ll see from the ACTUAL conversation between one of my students and one of his prospects. I’ve used “YOU” and “THEM” to preserve the privacy of the people involved, but it’s a genuine conversation, and, what’s REALLY important is this so easily COULD be YOU talking to as many “THEMs” as you wanted! Probably the best way to get the MOST from this powerful conversation is to print it out, grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage and go sit somewhere quiet where you can follow along with the commentary and reference the lines in the conversation. I promise you, it’ll really be worth that little bit of extra trouble to go over it. NULL  ================================================== Recruiting Tip #2

“How to get your prospects talking themselves into your opportunity”

If you’d love you use these tips but find you don’t have enough people to talk to, that’s what I can help you with in Endless FREE Leads Boot Camp 2.0: ================================================== 1. YOU: Hello, My name is <> How are you today? 2. THEM: Hello, I’m <>… and I am doing fine… thank you 3. YOU: I’m from Michigan. Where are you? 4. THEM: I’m in St. Augustine, Florida 5. YOU: Nice area, I’ve traveled there before. How long have you been online? 2 years for me 6. THEM: about two for me also yes, St. Augustine is beautiful 7. YOU: It is becoming quite popular! I teach, what do you do? 8. THEM: I work for a large corporation… in the Payroll Department 9. YOU: How long have you done that? 10. THEM: too long… almost 11 years 11. YOU: That is a long time! How do you like it? 12. THEM: I am getting tired of doing that kind of work… it’s time for a change 13. YOU: What else do you have in mind? 14. THEM: I’m almost embarrassed to admit that right now I don’t even have a clue of what I should do I just know that I am not happy anymore and I need to make some life changes 15. YOU: What would you be doing if money were no object? Say if you won big on the lottery. Where would you be ? 16. THEM: oh, I would definitely be contributing in some way to humanity… I would be working to save the planet if I didn’t have to work a regular “job” 17. YOU: Sounds like you would enjoy working for yourself? 18. THEM: I would love to have the time and money to be able to “help” in some way… I feel so useless right now… and very frustrated lately 19. YOU: Do you like helping people? 20. THEM: I like to help people try to help themselves… does that make sense?? 21. YOU: Maybe I could help you, I teach people how to run a business from home on their computer. Would that appeal to you? 22. THEM: I have checked into that before… and I was discouraged… yes, it does appeal to me 23. YOU: What was it you looked at? There is a lot out there! A lot of scams too 24. THEM: I was just browsing one night and came across a site that sounded so positive but as I kept reading it became so involved that I became frustrated yes, it was like a scam to me I bet that makes it hard on the ones who are honest 25. YOU: I like to keep things simple, I have helped many people. 26. THEM: what do I have to do?? I’m not that sophisticated LOL 27. YOU: Share information with other people online 28. THEM: what kind of information?? 29. YOU: I can e-mail you information on a company I work with online. It provides a lot more information than I could ever type here. How much time do you spend online? 30. THEM: I spend about 3 to 4 hours every night before bed 31. YOU: If you are serious, I can send you some info on what I do. I could be your online mentor (wink) 32. THEM: LOL 33. YOU: I get pleasure from helping others 34. THEM: I am serious about making a change, I just don’t know exactly what yet, but I am willing to listen or read… LOL 35. YOU: So are you serious about making a change? Or just making light conversation to pass some time? 36. THEM: yes… I’m even very surprised that you connected with me at such a time in my life… I don’t chat very much at all 37. YOU: You seem like a great communicator to me! 38. THEM: thank you complements are appreciated, I don’t get any at work 39. YOU: I’m going to send you a little info on what I do. Add me to your list and let me know what you think. On one condition 40. THEM: what’s the condition????? 41. YOU: When I help you succeed, you will help others to do the same! Deal? 42. THEM: if I am interested and I choose to take this route, then certainly I would want to share it with others… I’m like you; I like people to be happy 43. YOU: Good answer! 44. THEM: I’ve always wanted to “help” in some way 45. YOU: Very good, I will show you. 46. THEM: I am willing to open my mind and read anything you send to me… and I thank you for sharing it with me 47. YOU: You have mail. I think you’re going to love what’s in your mail box about working for yourself, You have all the necessary credentials to be successful with it 48. THEM: OK… I am adding you to my “list” and I will be in touch one way or another… OK? 49. YOU: Sounds great, I look forward to talking again! 50. THEM: is there any certain times of day that I should reach you?? 51. YOU: I am on and off, just look for me in your list. Morning and evenings usually. 52. THEM: OK… nice meeting you <>… we’ll talk again soon 53. YOU: Sometimes my computer is on and I’m not in front of it, just to let you know. I do return IM’s though 54. THEM: thank you again… 55. YOU: You too <>! Commentary: We begin very simply and smoothly between lines 1 and 6, with simple introductions. I know it seems simple, almost to the point of being obvious, but it’s a mistake many people make when they DON’T do this. Network marketers especially the more inexperienced ones will dive right in and not even attempt to build any kind of rapport before talking about business.

Rapport is so vital – because it’s the “foot in the door” and if you don’t get the rapport, you’re not going to be getting ANYTHING.

Now notice Line 7: “I teach. What do you do?” This is a very smart thing to say as will become apparent below. But even now we can see it’s a very easygoing and non-threatening statement and question – entirely normal and natural in pretty much any context. We can see the power of this immediately in Lines 8 to 10. The real giveaway here is “too long”, in Line 10. This is incredibly encouraging and tells us this person is a hot prospect the clear inference we can make is if it’s been “too long”, it’s likely she’ll be looking for something else, or even if not actually looking then definitely open to the idea. Yet, notice how you don’t immediately jump down her throat with your business opportunity. Instead, we see in Lines 11 to 13 how we further narrow down exactly what we’re being told. See, it’s important to make sure we’re not just dealing with someone who’s perhaps just had a ba
d day at work or is having a momentary gripe about their work – after all, we don’t want to waste our time or theirs. Line 14 is music to our ears because it confirms what we suspected: this person is a genuinely hot prospect and is almost certainly going to be receptive to any ideas we can offer.

Yet STILL we don’t jump in with both feet. Remember what I said: it’s important to make sure THEY talk themselves into your ideas because then you eliminate rejection and objection completely (because how can they object to and reject their own ideas?).



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