May 2022

May 2022

Issue #199


We are so excited to welcome our newest contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine Monika Greczek!

Monika spans 2 worlds. The first as a very successful business owner (check out her article to see how important goals have played in her world) and as a very successful network marketing leader.

Monika is also one of our members of our World Leaders Group, making a difference in our industry!

Welcome, Monika we are so happy to have you sharing your wisdom with our members!


The Secrets Behind Goals

With this May 2022 issue that you have here, we celebrate our One Hundred Ninety-Nineth consecutive issues on the 1st of each and every one of the months since October 2005! As a member of The Network Marketing Magazine, you get this complete resource to help guide you to success in your business. 


           The very best value for the success of the team!

We had a leader recently tell us that The Network Marketing Magazine is the very best value for the success of her team. She went on to say that she remembered when we were charging $27 per month and she couldn’t believe that we brought the price down to only $9 including all 200 past issues as of June! She asked WHY???

We said we are taking a lead role in improving our profession by making it a “no brainer” to use our “resource” to help those who want to succeed and are willing to do what it takes, we are here to make that happen. She now uses our magazine as a tool to put her group on this success track.

She told us that a member of her team only needs one great idea a month then it is more than worth the investment of $9 and it gives her an idea of who she needs to spend her time working with also! 


This month is a special issue because the subject is about Goals, a critical part of success in life and business. 

This is an important concept. See how the experts guide you and help you navigate this important mindset. See how they explain how success in someone’s business can improve by understanding this concept in their business.

Not a member? Become one today and see how this resource gives you an unfair advantage in YOUR business!


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