I use March as an excellent month for renewing and rejuvenating my growth plans, (just as spring weather does for plants in the colder climate areas). If you are like me, I kicked off January with a plan of action, and even though I’m charging forward, after a couple of months, I find that I need to regroup and refine those plans by the time March comes around. In life, I have realized that anything that is meant to have a terrific outcome, will always have hiccups not planned on, and that is a normal process of the journey to success.

One of my dear friends who owns a worldwide traditional business told me once when I asked her what she did every day, replied calmly, “Oh…I just put out fires.”.

I’m sixty-three and was new to network marketing when I joined two years ago. The timing was right for my husband’s and my needs, and we joined up. The seventy-seven-year-old friend who introduced us just joined up because of her son, and he just joined up because of his friend and so forth. 

So, what happened, is that everyone close to me was all new, and there was no one to teach me anything, except what I could learn for myself. That didn’t stop me, as I was a single mom for fifteen years, with four children, no outside financial help, and lived away from family members most of that time, and I knew how to handle tough situations, and did. 

I also have 40+ years of promotions and marketing experience and knew that I could learn the basics and utilize my skills to get started from that. I began having parties, which I love doing and started growing quickly.

Then covid hit two months later, and everyone had to stay at home. I never knew how to do zoom, but knew that was the next answer and studied with YouTube videos, practiced, and learned quickly how to do it.  My daughter explained the basics with Canva, and I created all kinds of slides to do presentations and started on the growth upswing again.

Then fear set in as I didn’t know how to lead a team.

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Christine Campbell
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