Meet Edgar Mojica

Edgar Mojica is the founder and President of Success Builders International Network, based in Florida.

The company offers entrepreneurial success and life coaching to clients seeking to find success in their professional and personal life. Mr. Mojica has developed a unique system that helps clients develop their mind to their fullest potential through individual training, mentoring, and life extensive teaching. Edgar Mojica has personally created The Keys to Success seminars, classes and trainings. These intensive seminars, classes and trainings help 21st Century Entrepreneurs and students learn a new set of skills geared toward developing success in this new economy. These seminars completely and intensively train students to nurture, educate, strengthen their minds, emotions, bodies, and spirits.

In establishing Success Builders International Network, Edgar Mojica relied on more than three decades of studies on extremely wealthy and successful individuals. He has used this research in his own life, developing and securing multiple sources of international residual income. 

He shares these tips and secrets in his Keys to Success seminars. He also reaches out to clients through his other company, Edgar Mojica and Associates, Inc., a sales and marketing consulting firm that focuses on the health and wellness industry in the United States and Latin America.  Edgar is a Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker at the John Maxwell Team and founder of the Millionaires Club.

We are proud to have Edgar as a Lifetime Member and part of our World Leader Team.

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