Meet Max Steingart

Max is the 'GO TO' trainer for top earning network marketers and members of their teams. He has helped internet marketers, affiliate marketers, coaches and trainers launch their business and take it to the next level.

Max is one of the premier pioneers of social media training programs for the network marketing industry.

In the 90's, he broke the code to a social network called America Online (AOL). HeI used their ‘texting’ features to develop a simple formula and methodology that helped add thousands of like-minded people to build a network marketing business in eighteen months.

Since then, he has trained and shared social media strategies, scripts and techniques with tens of thousands of top earning network marketers around the world who in turn have trained and influenced the millions of people that they work with.

People started calling this “the Max Method” years ago and now calling him “the father of social networking.”

His students today are earning 6, 7, and 8 figure incomes by following my simple 4 step formula for building any business on any social network.

You can visit Max's website at to learn more about him

We are honored to have Max a part of our World Leader Team and a Lifetime member of The Network Marketing Magazine.

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