Meet Mike Driggers

How Authority Marketing Agent Mike Driggers is Empowering Emerging Subject Matter Experts in the Thought Leader Industry to Skip the 5-7 Year Learning Curve, Enabling them to Embrace Their Passion for Business Sooner

With over 40 years of tireless dedication and profound wisdom in the marketing and consulting industry, Mike Driggers has become a leading marketing mastermind behind shaping the careers of new and first-year coaches and consultants subject matter experts worldwide. Starting at 16, Mike made an early entry into the world of subject matter expert, wearing multiple hats as an event host, promoting and marketing speakers, and helping thought leaders create products and programs. It was his passion for helping people gain instant authority that prompted the creation of Unleashed Media, a full-fledged advertising agency based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

While successfully running his agency, Mike Driggers found his true calling in empowering others and helping them transform their potential into profits. He embarked on a journey to transition from a behind-the-scenes expert to a globally acclaimed speaker and innovator. Fueled by a relentless passion for personal and professional growth, Mike is driven by the innate desire to inspire, motivate, and empower others on their journey of becoming thought leader experts.

This passion resulted in Mike’s ground-breaking programs, including Instant Authority Now, The Authority FingerprintTM and The Coaching Empire. His DFWY (Done For & With You) model has become a proven game-changer in setting the foundation for the coaches, empowering them with a wide array of marketing content, ghostwritten books, sales funnels, video marketing scripts, and sales teams to close deals on behalf of their clients. By positioning his clients as the go-to Authority in their niche, he ensures they attract their ideal clients and enjoy substantial financial rewards and success.

A master of his own success, among Mike’s career highlights is his impressive portfolio of over 33 published books, including co-authored books with Barbara Corcoran of “Shark Tank” and John Lee Dumas of “Entrepreneurs On Fire”, legendary motivational speaker Les Brown, and James Malinchak, a featured star on the hit ABC TV show "Secret Millionaire". The instant authority he enables individuals to achieve is a testament to his own journey of achieving the same.

Marked by professional brilliance and a passionate commitment to empowering others, Mike Driggers’ journey serves as an inspiration for all emerging coaches and consultants. He states, “Being an Entrepreneur in the thought leader expert industry is not just about personal success; it's about creating a legacy. It's about leaving a lasting imprint on the world and making a positiveint difference in the lives of others.”

We are proud to have Mike as a Lifetime Member and part of our World Leader team.

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