Meet Natasha Lightner

Natasha Lightner, PMP, is a highly driven executive sales leader, entrepreneur, and motivator. A top sales and team leader at The Avon Company, she leads a high-performing, productive group of enthusiastic team members.

She is a motivating team leader who supports and empowers her team to exceed their sales goals by leveraging social media platforms, adept at creating key tactical trainings and tools that support sales performance.

Natasha has a strong business acumen and her former professional experience in the areas of financial audit, project management, and transformation set her up for success in the entrepreneurial space. Her drive and hunger to create a new lane pushed her harder showing that non-traditional careers can be successful and fulfilling.

Natasha has also been featured in multiple Avon advertising campaigns both in print and social media. She is an experienced workshop presenter and trainer at national conventions, focused on sharing experiences and personal best practices to increase sales, customer engagement and team leadership. Natasha is also the 2019 Avon Guiding Spirit Award honoree.

You can find links to her social media presence on LinkTree. She has over 2,100 followers on Instagram and over 3,600 followers on Facebook.

We are honored to have Natasha as part of our World Leader team and  a Lifetime Member of The Network Marketing Magazine.


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