MENTAL TECH: How to Be Smarter Faster by Matt DiMaio

Matt DiMaio


can teach about how to become ultra-successful
with your network marketing business!

Can such mundane items as frozen orange juice, dishwashing detergent, and a magnifying glass really deliver any useful information on how to be successful in building your network marketing business?

The answer will not only surprise you, but I believe you’ll be both impressed and inspired when you understand this simple lesson.

Even more interesting, you’re going to discover how to MULTIPLY your personal power without needing ANY additional energy.


If you are hungry for success, whether it’s with your network marketing business or in other pursuits, there are two words that are vitally important.  However, I believe that these two words are often spoken without most people having a true understanding of what they actually mean.

Those two words are CONCENTRATE and FOCUS.

In order to attain respect, admiration, and success in any endeavor, whether it’s recruiting more team members, becoming a better speaker at meetings, learning to play a musical instrument, studying a foreign language… or anything else you want to achieve, you must first learn to CONCENTRATE and FOCUS.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those words and see if thinking about them differently can help you gain the rewards and success you desire.


One common use of the word CONCENTRATE has to do with ORANGE JUICE.  It’s often sold as a frozen concentrate.

We also refer to some brands of DISH SOAP and LAUNDRY DETERGENT as being CONCENTRATED.

It is often easier to understand the meaning of a word by looking at its opposite. The opposite of concentration is DILUTION. When you dilute something, it’s watered down.

Using the word as it refers to orange juice and detergent in this sense means that no water has been added. It has not been not diluted.

When orange juice, detergent, or anything else becomes diluted it becomes weak.

Therefore, we buy a concentrate because it is strong. It is more powerful than other products which have been weakened from diluting it with water, or other things.


FOCUS is the other word we’ll examine.

As a kid, maybe you played with a magnifying glass and used it to burn little bits of paper, or some dry leaves in the yard. (I know SOME of you burned ants with your magnifying glass too. LOL)

Think about this. When you focused the sunlight through the lens of your magnifying glass, you were using whatever sunlight was available. There was no way to get any more of it.

Whether or not you used your magnifying glass, you still had the same amount of energy.

However, when you used the magnifying glass, and then FOCUSED the beam and CONCENTRATED the energy, you had an entirely different result.

You were able to take the same sunlight that warmed the back of your hand and make it become so powerful that you could now start fires.


You needed NO additional energy to increase your result by many times. You simply FOCUSED the available supply of light and greatly MULTIPLIED its power.

With your orange juice concentrate and your concentrated detergent, you got something strong. You didn’t want the weak stuff that had been diluted by adding other stuff to it.

NOW HERE’S THE ASTOUNDING TRUTH… you can do exactly the same thing with your business.

When you FOCUS your energy, you magnify your power.

When you CONCENTRATE your efforts, your results are multiplied by many times.

Now get this… the results you can get in your business will become far greater WITHOUT USING MORE ENERGY than you are now.

You just have to stop getting distracted with tasks and activities that have nothing to do with achieving your actual goal. Doing that other stuff makes you weaker.

Stop watering yourself down. Stop multi-tasking. Do one thing at a time.

When you’re recruiting, RECRUIT. When you’re practicing to become a better speaker, don’t get distracted. When it’s time to make presentations, don’t waste time with ‘busy work’. When you’re studying something important to you, put everything else aside… at least for a designated amount of time.

In other words, “DO what you’re doing… while you’re DOING IT.”

FOCUS your energy. CONCENTRATE your efforts.

When you apply those two words to your life, you will immensely magnify your personal power and multiply your results.

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