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5 Sure-Fire Tips That Deliver Positive Results… Fast!

For a growing number of people, every year it seems to get harder and harder to stay positive. There’s just too much negative news constantly invading our minds and damaging our peace. It comes at us from nearly every media, TV, Radio, News Sites, Social Networks, and even our family and friends.

We are bombarded daily with negative news about politics, war, crime, social moral decay, the economy, and the list goes on and on.

Short of burying your head in the sand, staying un-informed, and turning off all media, what can you do to counteract and neutralize all the negativity being blasted at us?

To make it worse, we have to cope with the daily stress of family life, and working at a job, in addition to the challenges of building your network marketing business. Sometimes, it can all feel completely overwhelming.


Rather than giving you some sort of lame “Pep Talk” or motivational speech, here are a few simple, practical, and powerful actions you can take that will help you to stay stronger and feel more in control.

I’m going to give you 5 simple things that you can do right now that may seem small at first, but when combined, can add up to a powerful remedy that will help you to feel calm, centered, and much more confident.

If you take these ideas seriously and don’t casually dismiss them as being too simple, you will be able to drastically reduce, and maybe even overcome, many of the worries, nervousness, or fears that are bothering you.


    One of the biggest issues for people is that they let their worst imaginations run wild about what might happen or could happen. Instead, take it one day at a time. Focus on what is happening now and stop imagining all sorts of bad stuff that hasn’t actually happened. You’ve probably heard it said before that 90% of the stuff you worry about never happens, and the 10% that does, is usually not as bad as you imagined it would be. Also, when you stay in the present moment, you can free yourself of baggage from the past. As the great mentor and trainer Tony Robbins has said, “The Past Does Not Equal The Future”.
    Yes. You’re going to spend a bit of time writing out what’s bothering you. When you write down your concerns and see them on paper, you take control over them. You take the emotion out of them. You deflate them. It’s called WRITING THERAPY. Make it a regular practice. You want to write as though your life depends on it… because it often does. When you write out, not only the things that are bothering you and your fears, but also your dreams, goals, and aspirations, then you can gain tremendous personal control over your thoughts and emotions. Writing things out by hand is almost magical in the power it gives you.
    One of the biggest fears people have is worrying about what others think of you. The truth is that most others are worried about what everyone thinks of them. That means that they’re not thinking about YOU. They’re just as self-conscious as you are. Even the people you think are the COOL ONES, are usually just putting on an act so that nobody realizes how insecure they really are. Don’t believe me? Whenever you have the chance to get to know one of the “Beautiful People” up close and personal, you’ll see it’s true. EVERYBODY has insecurities. NOBODY wants to be judged badly by their peers. The good news is that most people are so worried about themselves that they pay a lot less attention to you than you think they do. So, stop worrying.
    When things are disorganized it makes ordinary situations feel even more stressful. You wind up having more pressure than just the task at hand because you are feeling out of control. Make a calendar to help you control your time. Clean up your workspace so that you’re not attempting to do your tasks amidst a big mess. Gather your tools and resources together so you don’t have to spend time hunting to find what you need. By simply taking control of the things you can, and becoming better organized, you will begin feeling better about yourself almost immediately.
    Think back to other challenges you have had to overcome in your life. Two that come to mind that are true about many people: riding a bike and then learning to drive your car. There was a time when you were little that you’d see the big kids riding their bikes but you couldn’t do it yet. Then one day someone helped you learn to ride a two-wheeler, and after that, it became no big deal. Think back to the first time you were finally behind the wheel of a car. It felt a bit terrifying. Remember how nervous you got when you first went out onto the highway with all the cars whizzing by you? Or how incompetent you felt when you had to parallel park? After a while, it became no big deal. In fact, now you can change your music selection with one hand, flip off bad drivers with the other, and yell at the noisy kids in the back seat. You’re able to drive almost on automatic pilot. Realize that EVERY NEW TASK you take on is going to make you feel the same way. At the beginning, it’s going to seem difficult if not impossible. Pretty soon, you’ll manage it, and with a little work and a positive mental attitude, you’ll master it, the same way you’ve done with other things in your life.
    The word synergy means that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. For example, if you’ve ever had to put together a bicycle (maybe on a Christmas morning) you start with a box full of parts. Each part is meaningful on its own.
    However, once those parts are assembled into that bicycle, you now have something that is far greater, far more significant, than any of those parts by themselves. You have created a mode of transportation. To a child receiving that bike, it’s a wonderful gift that provides an entirely new level of personal freedom. The 5 actions I gave you in the list above works just like those bicycle parts. By themselves, any one of those ideas is worthwhile. However, when you put all 5 of those simple actions into effect together, you’ll create a powerful new force within yourself. You’ll give yourself a new level of inner strength. With that newfound power, you’ll be able to kiss most of your stress and anxiety goodbye. The bottom line is that these ideas work. They work well. And they’ll work well for you too.

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