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Steve_DaileyWhere do you find a Coach to perform this magic with you and how do you know they are equipped to truly help you?  Did you listen to my article last month about the fact versus fiction of why you need a Coach? If you haven’t yet, please do that now by GOING HERE. This is your Coach talking – and you know that if you don’t comply it will mean 50 pushups! But seriously, the big message here is that you need a “Real Coach”. And you need to know who a real coach is – in order to truly get, and keep yourself on track for success in your business efforts.

Can you be successful without a Coach? Sure…but it just depends on how fast you want to get there (wherever “there” is for you).

 NULL Look at it this way, with a Coach: avoid obstacles and pitfalls, accelerate your efforts and get challenged to achieve more than you originally thought possible. Without a Coach: stumble, question, hesitate, make it up on your own, wonder if you are dong it right and eventually figure it out…sometimes with pure luck. So what does a Coach DO anyway? Well, in a nutshell a great Coach focuses on two very specific domains: Mindset and Method. We all know that we should keep a generally positive outlook on life as we attempt to achieve new things; right? Well establishing a winning mindset is about taking a generally positive outlook and applying it to principles that are always true. And just like “gravity” is always true and you can’t debate its truth – principles are also always true and inarguable. Let me give you an example.

A principle in network marketing is that it is always better to approach network marketing as a part time business.

As compelling and attractive as it might always seem, “going full time” in network marketing (unless you don’t really need the money you make from your business) is usually the first step to failure in network marketing. You need to keep other income flowing while you are building your network marketing business. Why? There are several reasons but the main one is that 99% of the people you will (or should) approach are currently and productively engaged in their own revenue generating activity (a job or two, running a traditional business, etc.). And if they find out that you are doing network marketing “full time” they will instantly conclude they can’t fit it in to their “already overwhelming busy schedule”. Conversely, if you are working 50 hours a week in a stressful, demanding job and successfully building a business network in the side, prospects will think, “Well, he/she’s doing it – I guess I could probably work it in as well.” It’s like gravity – either they believe they can do it or they don’t… based on your example.

Where does a Coach fit into this? A good Coach will help you figure out how to, in fact, balance competing time demands effectively while keeping a positive attitude about it.

A Coach will help you to make critical decisions and choices based on use of your time, help you build time management and planning habits and guide you through inevitable conflicts – all so that you can maintain a positive outlook and mindset on your process. OK, so what about Methods? Here we get back to the question that – as you heard or read in the last segment – is often a rationale for not having a Coach: “How could a Coach that is not in my business possibly tell me anything that I don’t already know?” Here’s the deal: a Coach doesn’t have to know how to do what you do, just how to help you find and implement the methods that will work for you in building a successful business. Think with me for a second. If I asked you, “So how is the best way for a person to get started in your business” you would launch into a dizzying rant on your opinion about how to best get started. If I asked another person in your business the same question, I’d likely get a completely different answer. Who’s right? Both of you – because it is very common for many methods to “work”…your method, his method, anybody’s method.

The real key is deciding early and quickly what method is going to work for YOU. And there’s where a good Coach comes in.

With a Coach you’ll have a partner to help you identify the best methods (quickly) considering your unique personality, background, untapped skills, level of self confidence and many other factors. Without a Coach you’ll identify the best method by trial and error, what you see someone else doing or “the idea of the day”. So it’s quite a conundrum. Where do you find a Coach to perform this magic with you and how do you know they are equipped to truly help you? Well – and you might have suspected this – The Network Marketing Magazine has the answer. Over the next several months we will be rolling out a comprehensive coaching process that will include:

  1. an assessment that will help you to identify where you need the most help
  2. access to qualified coaching and Coaches that truly understand the purpose and value of Mindset and Method and
  3. very specific direction, in partnership with your Coach and/or tools that we will be providing you, on how to get rapid access to the most relevant content and training sitting in the immense library offered by The Network Marketing Magazine.

So stay tuned. We will be changing the face of network marketing by creating a process and support system for serious business builders that will literally predict success. What can you do in the meantime? Contact me. Let’s discuss where you are, where you want to go and how the content and insight already available in The Network Marketing Magazine can help you accelerate your process of success.


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