Millennium Leadership for Networkers by Doug Firebaugh

Doug FirebaughWith his typical brand of passion and fire, Doug shares what defines leadership in network marketing— including his 10 Commandments of network marketing leadership. Welcome to the new millennium! You probably remember like I do how, 20 years ago, we thought of the year 2000 as some far off event in the distant space-age future. We romanced it for all it was worth, didn’t we? Now, here we are — the year 2000 has arrived, and with it come greater opportunities for Networkers around the world than ever before. What does the future hold for you? To get an idea, take a moment, if you will, for this little “millennium quiz.” Your answers will reveal where you are in your business and the likelihood that you’ll achieve your vision for the future. What answers to the following questions come up for you? 1) What is going to be the driving force in your business this year? 2) What is going to be the catalyst for taking your business to the next level and beyond? 3) What is going to ignite a success inferno in your business and stoke it every week?  NULL 4) What is going to create a downline wildfire of growth in your business? 5) What is going to direct, navigate and guide you through the challenges that lie ahead this year? These are tough questions and it may take a little time to ponder them. To save time, perhaps I can offer some assistance here — the answer should be just one word, and one word only for all five questions. That word is going to be the defining factor in your ultimate success or lack of it. The answer is the kerosene that fuels a fire storm of success in your downline and your life if you let it. It is written on the walls of the successful distributors’ hearts, branded in their minds, and reflected in their eyes. It is the catalyst for higher performance in anything, and can create more success in your business than you ever imagined. I know what I am talking about because it drove my Networking business for over ten years and those of all the successful people I know. It attracts success and wealth like a magnet on steroids, and contains all the secrets of creating wealth in this business. Anything that has been written about this business points to this enormous power in some way. It worked so well in the organization I was honored to be a part of that, and I’ve devoted my professional life, through PassionFire International, to taking the message to the industry worldwide. What is this answer, this message, I’m alluding to?

Leadership — true, pure, unbridled leadership — the most powerful force in Network Marketing success

We have a saying at PassionFire: “Passion is the Secret Weapon to Success, and Leadership is the Secret Weapon to Network Marketing.”

When passion ignites, it can melt anything that gets in its way; passionate leadership is like an electric power station with focused, contained power that can explode anything it touches.

That’s the power that will create new millennium millionaires in this industry. Truly, no amount of instruction, training, or teaching will ever equal the explosive success power of passionate leadership! I know a lot of well-educated, well-intentioned folks who know the mechanics of this business — all the right words, phrases and answers that sound great — but are barely getting by. They have incredible potential, but lack the leadership focus and heart that their downline is starving for in their success journey. Do you realize your people are looking for leadership? There is nothing sadder in this industry than when an organization that explodes with momentum eventually outgrows the distributor due to lack of leadership, and falls apart, piece by piece, day by day. This happens all the time! But it doesn’t have to. In this new millennium, we can change that. To that end, I’ve changed my understanding of what MLM stands for — for me, from now on it stands for: Millennium Leadership Momentum! For the Millennium, create Momentum with Leadership! All leaders know how important momentum is in this business — especially for the new distributor! With passionate leadership, you can create that momentum in your group. The first step is understanding what leadership means in Network Marketing. Defining Network Marketing Leadership Leadership is a set of skills, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that we engage consistently, daily, and fervently for everyone’s benefit. To define it specifically for our industry:

Leadership in Network Marketing is boldly taking on the responsibilities and commitments of creating an empowering environment and a path to success that people willingly follow.

Go back and read that one more time and notice how it makes you feel. Are you that kind of leader? Are you doing that for others? Let’s take a closer look at that definition. The first power word in the definition above is bold. Leaders in this business are willing to step up to the bat, see what has not been seen, think what has not been thought, say what has not been said, and do what has not been done. That is a vivid, Technicolor “word picture” of Network Marketing leaders. They are bold in their thinking, their vision, their words, and their actions.

At PassionFire we teach that BOLD stands for Bringing On Leadership Destiny!

Boldness creates a destiny of success while timidity is like a cancer in this business. Leaders get out on the edge and stay there, empowering others to join them. Are there people who think you can’t succeed? Do what you have not done before; think like you have never thought before, and accomplish what you’ve only dreamed before — it takes bold leadership to show them what’s possible in Network Marketing. Next, note the word responsibility. Leaders understand the weight of responsibility, and do not shirk from it. They know that someone has to take action to make anything happen, and they accept that task willingly. They know what they are responsible for as well as what they are not. For example, leaders know that ultimately they are not responsible for their distributors’ success. They are responsible for educating them to do this business, preparing them for the challenges that might arise, and supporting them along the way, but each distributor must engage and embrace their own success. It’s not unlike being a personal fitness trainer. The trainer can teach her clients how to lift weights, why to lift and when to lift, but they must do the lifting and the grunting. If she lifts the weights for them, she’ll get the benefits, not them. They’ll lose interest and say, “Weight lifting doesn’t work!” — sound familiar? Leaders strive to build permanent downlines always. They are willing to dig the pond, fill it with water, stock it with fish and teach you to fish, but the new distributor must cast the line. The third power word in this definition of leadership is commitment. Commitment is the cement in the foundation of any successful organization. Committed leaders are magnetic, attracting people to them effortlessly. Why? Because leaders know that commitment is less something said or done than felt. It empowers anyone who comes in contact with them because they can feel it. We all know people in this industry who are sought after and respected, and almost without fail it is because of their unshakable commitment to success, to their people, and to Network Marketing. You will be forced in this business to do things you don’t feel like doing at the time they need doing or with whom they are to be done, but know that it’s your commitment in those times that will determine whether you are followed as a leader or eventually ignored. Next, consider the word create. If I had to choose only one word to define leadership, this would be it. Put simply,

Leaders are creators — they create something where there was nothing before.

They crystallize the f
uture into a tapestry woven with the threads of dreams, belief, and action. Leaders create magnetic direction, powerful influence, hope, possibility, and environments for growth. Leaders have the extraordinary ability to see the invisible — the art of vision. They take a thought, and by sharing it with others and asking their help, bring it into existence. They create compelling visions that people can believe in — in Network Marketing, it’s often that most important of beliefs which can change our lives for the better. I see change as a sister word of create. Leaders are change agents — they create positive change in people’s lives.

They know that change must occur to increase or expand anything.

Change creates new directions and perspectives which are what Network Marketing is all about.


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