Mind The Gap By Lisa Jimenez

Mind The Gap

Have you ever been to London and saw the signs all over the underground, “Mind the Gap”? I love hearing that voice in a British accent over the intercom just before the doors open, “Mind the Gap.”

While of course on the underground, mind the gap means pay attention to the space between the platform and the train. I have been applying “mind the gap” to my business and in my coaching with great results. Just imagine… What would your business look like if you brought even more awareness to the space between you and your success?

Mind the gap in your business means being aware of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and finding ways to tweak or shift them and enhance the velocity of your success.

One of my clients applied “mind the gap” when he noticed he had created an expectancy of no’s. He heard no more times than yes and began identifying himself with no. He would be sharing his business with a prospect and hear that little voice in his head say, “She’s going to say no.”

He minded the gap by noticing this habit and shifting his thought to, “It’s a yes!” He played a game in his mind and repeated, “Everyone always says yes to me!” Sure enough, he started getting more yeses. And the most important part is when he got a no, he held his posture and graciously moved on… to a yes!

Then, he applied “mind the gap” when he noticed he was spending too much time and effort on prospects that weren’t going anywhere. So, he started qualifying them. He made a list of the qualities he’s looking for in a business partner. In creating that clarity for his mind, he started attracting the people that mirrored his list. Not only did he stop wasting time with the wrong people, he built his confidence and respect for what he was offering and it actually became easier and a lot more fun for him to prospect and recruit.

Over time his team’s productivity and sales volume went through the roof! He applied “mind the gap” when he noticed his leadership style was micromanaging. Since he was recruiting more capable team members, they stepped up in their own leadership and wanted to teach and train their team and have more ownership in their team’s success.

So, what about you? Where will you “Mind the Gap?” Small shift in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can literally alter your destiny.

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