Mind the Gap to Grow your Business By John Hackett Ed.D.

 Several years ago, my daughter’s school choir toured the United Kingdom. She brought me back a coffee (tea) mug.

The mug had a map of the London underground system. The London Underground, known as “The Tube, “is the oldest rapid transit system globally. The slogan “Mind The Gap” was emblazoned across the mug.

The Transport for London Company(T.F.L.) had developed an automated warning in 1968 to spare conductors the chore of announcing “Mind The Gap” endlessly. A digital system is now used for the 1.8 million passengers who use” The Tube” daily. “Mind The Gap” was meant to remind travelers to step up from the stationary platform across the open space, The Gap, to enter the train and move on their way forward safely. “Mind The Gap” is a world-famous slogan, with The London, Underground Sign and are registered trademark owned by Transport for London (T.F.L.).

This is an especially relevant model here in April as network marketers and their teams enter a new business quarter and plan a successful end of the sales/and team building.

The main point of this story is that to move from a stationary place, your goals, and plan, you have to “Mind The Gap” to move forward.

In-Network Marketing, most sellers are solo entrepreneurs or possibly Team or Unit members or leaders. Remember at Seminar, Jamboree, or Annual conference at the start of this business year? Many set their goals individually or with their team leader, sales director, or possibly a peer.

I have noticed over the years that my wife’s sales unit met after the annual Sales Seminar and at the mid-year meeting. Many make lofty sales, sharing, and trip goals. At the end of the year, I also observed that many reach or exceed their goals. I also notice several who seem to fall off and don’t reach their goals.

One wonders what the difference is between the two groups. Indeed life can intervene at times, yet I notice many thrive with the challenge.

Think of those around who excelled in a virtual marketplace in the last two years and those who didn’t. The reason was not different products or training or opportunity. Those were all available. It is possible those who fell off their goals were not practicing an accountability system. They didn’t “Mind The Gap.”

Leadership expert John Maxwell often says there is a gap between good intentions and achievement for everyone.

That Gap has a deliberate systemic accountability plan. Learning to  Mind the Gap and creating a deliberate accountability model is a learnable skill. This learning process requires awareness, commitment, and hard work. This type of plan will be individually designed and implemented by the individual network marketer or team. Deliberate systemic practice of accountability must include these five key components below.

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John Hackett
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