Mindset and Network Marketing by Victoria Wright

“I am here to tell you the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is your mindset.  The words we say to ourselves are all that stop us from extending ourselves beyond our comfort zones”.

This is a quote from my debut book “I’m Too Old For This Sh*t!”, which is all about quitting corporate life and making a career in network marketing.

The concept of mindset features throughout my book because it is critical to achieving success in all areas of life.

So, what exactly is mindset?

Mindset refers to beliefs people hold about themselves, other people and life in general.  Mindset determines outlook, attitude and behaviour.

Beliefs are created in our minds.  We don’t see words in our minds, we see pictures.  And from those pictures we get feelings.  And from those feelings, we take actions to achieve those feelings.

So why do people have different mindsets?

Our mindsets are formed from the collective environments and experiences in our lives.  For example, if someone has a scarcity mindset, it could be the result of parents saying things like “We cannot afford a nice vacation” or “Houses like that are not for people like us”.  In contrast, those with an abundance mindset may have grown up around people who said “You can do anything you put your mind to so long as you believe and take action”.  In some cases, people who grew up in an environment of lack or scarcity can use this to create an abundance mindset.  Look at Oprah Winfrey.  When she was a little girl, Oprah’s grandmother’s hope for the child was to grow up to be a maid for a good family.  However as young as she was and having a relatively poor upbringing, Oprah’s mindset was set for success and, as they say, the rest is history!

Remember, every thought creates an action that creates a consequence.

There are a lot of things beyond our control in this life but what you do have control over is how you react to whatever happens in your life. And the way we react or behave is of course, based on our mindset.

Consider the following scenarios:  Sophia has an ‘employee’ mindset.  She has subscribed to the ‘40/40/40 scam’ of working 40 hours per week, for 40 years only to retire on 40% of what was never enough in the first place!  She works as an Accounts Assistant at a large corporation where rumours are spreading that the company is going to make huge staff cuts and offshore many functions, including accounts.  Sally is immediately worried.  “Oh no, I can’t lose my job!.  I have two young children to support with bills to pay.  I’m not qualified to do anything else”. 

Melanie is one of Sophia’s colleagues in the Accounts Department.  Like Sophia, Melanie also has a young family to support.  However Melanie has a completely different mindset.  Although she works as an Accounts Assistant during traditional business hours, Melanie has a side hustle!  She has her own network marketing business which she builds in pockets of her time.  So when Melanie hears the rumours about offshoring her job, her response is completely different.  “These things are common in today’s gig economy.  And the extra time I will have during the day, will allow me to grow my network marketing business even more, which will ultimately allow me to have a full time residual income and be able to spend more time with my beautiful children”. 

See the difference?  Same situation but responses that are worlds apart.

There are mindsets surrounding network marketing itself.  Network Marketers believe it is a vehicle to achieve financial and time freedom simply by sharing great quality products and services with others, and receiving commissions in return.

However, there are people with a negative mindset around Network Marketing.  Some of the common mindsets (aka misconceptions!) include:

It’s a pyramid scheme

Only people at the top make money

Nobody makes money with those things

I tried it and didn’t have any luck

I’m not good at sales

I don’t want to hassle my friends and family

Given there are people with a negative mindset around Network Marketing, the question is posed as to whether a person’s mindset can be changed.  The answer:  Absolutely!!!

It is said that if you change your thoughts you change your results.  But is this easier said than done?  It is actually quite easy to change your mindset, if you know how.

I am a trained hypnotherapist and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Hypnotherapy and NLP differ from traditional therapies in that they focus on the ‘how’ instead of the ‘why’. 

Both methods are also extremely effective at achieving behavioural change, which of course is underpinned by mindset.

For example, a common scarcity mindset mantra is: ‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’.  To change this mindset, I would challenge it.  Ask “How do you determine that?  Are there examples of people who were rich and became destitute?”  The answer is a categorical Yes.  Sadly there are many wealthy people who lose it all.  Just look at Jocelyn Wildenstein or Bernie Madoff.

Conversely, challenge this mindset and ask whether there examples of people who were poor and became rich?  Yes.  A great example of the latter is Oprah Winfrey as detailed earlier in this article.

Now let’s apply this to some of the mindsets which exist around Network Marketing:

“Nobody makes money with those things”.

Ask “How do you define Nobody?”  Obviously someone makes money or these organisations would not exist.  Network Marketing is represented by over 35 million distributors globally and accounts for approximately $200 billion in sales annually.  With these kind of numbers, is it really accurate to say that ‘nobody’ makes money???

“I’m not good at sales”.

Ask “How do you determine you are not good at sales?  Have you ever tried sales?  Have you ever undertaken sales training or asked to be mentored by a sales professional?”  If the answer is No, then the statement is false and the mindset can be changed to something like “I can learn sales skills with proper training and mentoring”.

Mindset can be changed.  I used to subscribe to the 40/40/40 scam – I worked long hours and spent too much time away from my husband and children.  I ‘tried’ network marketing several times but unfortunately I allowed the ignorance of others to impact my mindset and prevent me becoming truly successful.  But, deep inside, I knew it was 100% a better way.  So I challenged every single negative mindset around network marketing so that my thoughts aligned with my feelings and behaviours.  I’ve since written a book on the topic!

Remember, every thought creates an action that creates a consequence.  That consequence can either lead you toward your goal or away from it.

Choose carefully …

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