MLM Marketing Tips – How to Get More Prospects Attracted to Joining Your Business By David Feinstein

MLM Marketing Tips – How to Get More Prospects Attracted to Joining Your Business

Today I’ve got one of those MLM marketing tips that you’re not going to get many other places.

Why – I don’t know!

But, it’s hugely important, and it’s one of those tips that you won’t want to ignore.

Many People Giving MLM Marketing Tips Don’t Tell You This…

…but the fact is that when conducting your MLM marketing, you should stop leading with your opportunity…or should I say…leading with your company.

You see, the truth is that although your company is probably great, and probably full of opportunity, and puts out great products, what people are looking for more than anything when it comes to an MLM business opportunity…is a mentor who can teach them how to become financially free.

While your opportunity DOES matter, and while how good your products are DOES matter, they don’t matter yet. They’ll matter down the road. They’ll matter eventually…in fact, those facts may help you close prospects. But when you lead, when opening up with potential prospects…what they really want to know is


Okay, so let’s think about this logically for a minute…

Let’s say that you suddenly found yourself in a position where you need to make more money. You don’t want to get another job because you already feel like you spend way too much time away from the family…and besides, you don’t want to work a second job just to pay for daycare right?

So, you start looking for a way to make money from home. You need to make this work, and you need to make it work fast.

Now you see three ads…

The first ad tells you that there’s a new company with great health products. These products are amazing and people are seeing great results with their health because of that…Interesting?

The second ad tells you that there’s a company with a business opportunity. This company sells great products that everyone will love, and with a small investment, you could have your very own home business. Little more interesting right?

The third ad tells you that there’s someone who has been consistently making money each and every single month from home. The ad goes on to say that this person is willing to show you EXACTLY what he or she does so that you can do it too, and will hold your hand until you reach that success…as long as you’ll keep doing what they ask of you.

Which ad would you respond to?

I’ll tell you right now, that the majority of people will respond to the last ad. This is one of the MLM marketing tips that not too many people seem to understand. You can see the proof in that just by looking around at the ads out there.

It’s simple though…If you want to get a quick leg up on your competition, lead with yourself as a qualified mentor. Again…all of my MLM marketing tips are meant to be useful…but this one is huge and will make a huge difference in your MLM income!

David Feinstein
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