MLM Resolutions for 2022 By David Feinstein

Welcome to 2022!

 Isn’t it great how the New Year allows us the opportunity to make a fresh start, reflect on our past endeavors and determine what more we can do to improve in our work, relationships, and health? If you began an MLM compensation plan in 2021, perhaps you achieved some success – maybe enough to quit your day job. If not, then you know you have 2022 to consider your next steps. This is a great time of year to not just make resolutions but build the groundwork for your new life.

Every year we make resolutions.

We promise to eat better; drop a bad habit like smoking or drinking to excess, and generally improve our lives in many respects. It’s not uncommon for people to look for work in the new year when vacation time is exhausted and people entering school full-time for the spring are leaving vacancies to fill. Where the MLM compensation plan is involved, the goal is not to find another job to help you sustain it but to wean yourself from the nine to five cubicle world and become your own boss. To make that happen, you need to take the initiative and plan accordingly. There’s no better time than January and February 2022 to start.

When you sit down to ponder your New Year’s Resolutions, keep some of these possibilities in mind for the improvement of your MLM compensation plan:

> Set aside the same time in the day to concentrate on your network marketing. The advantage to being your own boss is that you set your schedule, and the world of multi-level marketing doesn’t have to be nine-to-five. Commit to a few hours a day at the same time and you’ll see that it becomes a natural part of the day. The more time you devote, the more success you stand to achieve.

> Keep an eye on your social media. Twitter and Facebook are important to building a strong MLM compensation plan. With more people on mobile devices, these tools are more important now than ever before in recruiting people to your network. Create a natural voice that attracts interest and watching the numbers grow.

> Building on the last resolution, this is the time to invest in a mobile phone or tablet if you don’t have one already. To succeed with your MLM compensation plan, you need to watch your progress constantly, even if you do not work twenty-four hours a day. Having a mobile device lets you receive mail and tweets wherever you are, plus you can update blogs and newsletters on the fly.

Make 2022 the year you succeed in network marketing! Don’t just resolve to make a difference, do it!

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David Feinstein
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