MLM Leadership – How to Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be by Jaz Lai

Jaz LaiIt takes time to groom a leader. Remember ultimately that a leader is only human and you must be patient through the process.  MLM Leadership is highly coveted by the majority of network marketing reps. They know that if they truly want to achieve fame and fortune within network marketing circles, they have to position themselves as a network marketing leader because people will tend to listen to you more and prospects are more likely to join under the leader (even prospects are getting smarter nowadays when they choose a network marketing opportunity and which team to go under). Here are a few tips on how to groom yourselves as a network marketing leader: If you think you’ve arrived, then you know that you have a very long way to go Understand that growth is a continuous process. It never stops. The world is constantly evolving and progressing.  NULL When the rest of the world moves forward, those who sit still and do nothing are, by comparison, going backwards or lagging behind. If you think that just because you’ve achieved the highest position in your network marketing company or because you’ve amassed a huge downline and you wish to rest on your laurels, then it won’t before long before you will see a decline in your growth.

A true leader is one who keeps on learning and improving themselves.

A leader is a person who empowers others The best way to help people succeed in network marketing is to help others (your downlines) to succeed FIRST. Don’t focus on retailing all the products by yourselves because the commission checks are larger – learn to empower your team to retail more products and you will have more volume with less effort at the end of the day. A leader is not one who gets all the glory in network marketing Don’t be a ‘one man show’. You may think it is great to get all the glory for building the largest team, having the largest pin or rank or having the glory of speaking on the highest stage, but in reality –

Nothing is greater than watching your downlines get the glory when they succeed.

Learn to spur them on and motivate them to become the best that they could be. Even if they exceed you in glory and fame, at least you will be laughing all the way to the bank. A leader is a person who reads a lot of motivational/self-improvement books Don’t think for a second that motivational books are a waste of time. The brain needs food just like the rest of the body. If you read daily, your mind will be shielded from all the negative thinking that is prevalent around the society today. Once you start thinking and living like a motivational book, you will notice changes in your life without realizing it. Remember ultimately that a leader is only human. Even though you may not see tremendous results as a leader or in your network marketing business, you must not beat yourself to death when you feel you are not growing. It takes time to groom a leader and even though a leader might regress backwards when faced with challenges, it is all part and parcel of growth and you must be patient through the process.


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