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rod nicholsI can guarantee you that if you model an upline leader (and don’t quit after a month or two) who is already successful in your company and then model that to your downline, you will build a very successful business.  During the first twelve years of my network marketing career I was a miserable failure. I had been a successful corporate manager and marketer and so rather than listening to my upline, I did everything my way. After the first failed business, I thought that it had to have been the company, so I joined another and did the same thing. Then another… and another… and another. You can probably tell that I’m a bit of a slow learner. Fortunately, in my thirteenth year after crashing and burning too many times to count,

I finally recognized one of the primary keys to success. Find a successful upline person and do what they are doing.

 NULL This person could be your sponsor or you may have to go on upline a few to find the person who best fits your personality. Once you find the right person, ask if you can shadow them in-person or by phone when they contact prospects or work with distributors/associates. They will always say “yes” because your effort helps them make money. Now, unless they do something that is illegal, unethical, or immoral, do exactly what they do. They are modeling success and all you have to do is follow their example. Say what they say, do what they do, use the marketing methods they use, adopt the systems they have, read the books they recommend, listen to the CD’s and watch the DVD’s they recommend, attend the meetings and watch the web conferences they direct you to. In other words, follow their lead in every way. They are blazing a trail to success and all you have to do is follow it. As with any trail, it will get rough at times. You may not have immediate success, but if you keep doing what they are doing, success will come. Push through the hard times.

Be consistently persistent and you will achieve your goals. Once you become a leader or if you’re already a leader, remember that you must model success to your downline.

You can’t ask them to do things that you aren’t doing. Don’t ask them to call leads if you aren’t calling leads. Don’t ask them to do Internet marketing or have home meetings or pass out samples or advertise, if you aren’t doing those things. You’ve got to show them exactly what they should do, so they can follow your lead. Here are 3 great ways to lead through modeling: 1. Fly on the Wall – if you are going to make some prospect calls, get a downline distributor/associate on the phone first and have them mute their phone. Then make your first call. The downline member is not introduced and is not part of the call – they are a fly on the wall. After each call or maybe a couple calls, talk with your downline person about what they are learning and see if they have questions. 2. Presentations – if you are going to do a presentation, take your distributor/associate along with you to watch. Then give them assignments to memorize parts of the presentation. At the next one, you do part and have them do part. Continue to give them bigger parts until they’re doing the whole presentation confidently. You can then release them to do their own and train their downline in the same way. 3. Three-Way Calls – when people are new in network marketing, they have a lot of enthusiasm, but very little knowledge. If you allow them to talk with people alone, they are going to blow a lot of leads, so encourage them to utilize you on the calls with both warm and cold market, until they become more comfortable. Whenever they want to call someone, arrange for a time to do a 3-way call. They will need to have 3-way calling on their phone, so make sure that happens first. Next, have them call you and discuss the prospect you will be calling. Have your new distributor/associate put you on hold (usually the flash key) and dial the prospect. As soon as the phone starts ringing, they press the flash key again and make sure you are still on the line. When the prospect answers, the distributor/associate introduces you like this “John (prospect), this is Rod (you) and I have on the phone with me Bill (upline). He’s been in the business a lot longer and I figured you would have some questions I couldn’t answer that he could, so John this is Bill.” Then turn the call over to the upline and shut-up unless called upon to speak. Take notes and listen. Be ready in case your upline asks you to say something. Keep your phone muted until the upline asks you to speak. These are just three of the many ways that you can either model upline success or model it to your downline. Finally, you need to model actual success. If you are advancing levels and recognized as a top distributor/associate in your company, they will be inspired to follow in your steps.

The biggest key here is to do it.

I can guarantee you that if you model an upline leader (and don’t quit after a month or two) who is already successful in your company and then model that to your downline, you will build a very successful business.


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