Mom’s State of the Union Address by Kathy Smith

Kathy SmithDREAMS DO COME TRUE, SO ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!! Women in Network Marketing, WOW! Why so many wonderful, talented, loving, and passionate women are drawn to this dynamic industry of NM. For me, it was a process of being fully educated on the many benefits that network marketing has to offer, especially for women. Ten years ago, my mentor and my father, Jimmy Smith, introduced me to network marketing, and all the tremendous opportunities it had to offer. I have seven children, and when you have four in diapers, you are going to have four in college and shortly after three more in college, with a few weddings in between. That was when my husband Tom and I made the decision, along with our children that we were going to invest our time and energy in building a successful business, not in spite of our children but simply because of them. Tom is one of those great guys you want to duplicate, he not only believed in me; he supported me all the way. NULL As my father had promised, I fell in love and became very passionate about network marketing, and the concept of people working together toward a common goal.

I believe what really enables everyone to experience success is their ability to trust the process.

I became a student of the industry by reading very powerful books, going to my company trainings, and following the leadership of my wonderful mentors. I continue to grow and learn more each day. I’ll never stop learning and doing it better and better.

What is so wonderful for women in this industry is that we bring a variety of talents and strengths.

I know for myself, having seven children, what the true definition of patience is. You also have to trust and enjoy the process. I enjoy building a team and allowing people to set goals, visualize, and get into a place of complete gratitude. You’re really vibrating high when your belief level is solid. Not only do you attract the right people, but you recognize strengths in them, you believe in their success before they do. You have a vehicle where the rewards so outweigh any challenges you come across. It’s simply part of the journey.

I also believe when your dreams and goals are vibrant, that you simply become unstoppable.

My WHY and my challenges are what really kept me going. They were my driving force. I believe that when women become empowered, they also become unstoppable. I am so grateful for all the women that became my mentors. I read their stories, picked up golden nuggets, and took their advice. I was 100 percent coach able and always inspired to go out of my comfort zone and just do it! Jan Rue, who I never personally met, was a true inspiration to me. Through her story I learned to have unstoppable persistence and to have a real attitude of gratitude. Building teams, and surrounding yourself with amazing people all with common goal and desires That is to become financially free, and to enjoy and capture real time with your family. At the end of the day that is one of the best blessings that your network marketing business will give you. Real time with an abundant lifestyle, freedom, choices!

What’s so fulfilling is that NM creates such a level playing field for all types of women.

What’s also rewarding is that I have two daughters who are now joining me and are truly embracing network marketing careers. They are excited knowing that their dreams will each come true, sharing an opportunity with others. My heartfelt advice to all women who are pursuing NM as a vehicle for attaining their dreams of real financial freedom is to enjoy the journey. You must believe in yourself and your unique talents, along with being able to recognize the strengths and talents of others. I love watching others cross the finish line of success. It’s like raising a family, it’s the process, the learning, inspiration of others, and the concept that you can’t fail. I celebrate with all the great women mentors I have followed, and still do today. It’s funny that what our mothers whispered into our ears, “You can do that, you’ll be very successful,” can carry us a very long way. Thanks mom for believing in me! I’ve had amazing mentors in this industry, many like myself who had big whys, and believed in each other and more importantly believed in our hearts that we are changing people’s lives, the quality of lives all across the world. So have a dream and help others believe in their dreams. Focus in and be determined, know where to spend your energy in people! To the special people who believed in me I would like to say thank you. I am so grateful to my sponsor, my mentor, he not only taught me everything I know but he exposed me to other great leaders who were trail blazers in the industry. He always believed that women were powerful forces in the Network Marketing Industry with their ability to communicate and connect, and more importantly their ability to take great pleasures in watching so many people shine. Network marketing is a beautiful industry. It is one that allows women to have great abundance, the rewards are priceless. Network marketing creates freedoms that just do not exist in corporate America, or anywhere else for that matter. I totally know without a shadow of doubt, that we all share common dreams. That dream is to live healthy abundant lives, and pass the secret onto others. For our daughters, NM is now considered not only a noble business, but one that absolutely allows them to soar to the top. Thank you Carole T. for your leadership and gift. Dad was so right about you! You are one sharp woman with a lot of wisdom.

What I love about the industry is the personal growth that not only makes us successful in our own business but allows us to carry success over in our lives and with our relationships.

For all the committed women that continue to build their dreams, and the dreams of others, I salute and honor you! We are all many hearts with just one strong beat. Just remember that it is the process and the journey that makes it yours. In the words of Jan Rue, “Fire Up, Fire Up, and Just Do It!” I promise you’ll be happy you did! Have more fun than you have ever had in your lives and let the light shine on those you truly believe in! The best is yet to come! As far as my team of wonderful talented women I have this to say to you, “Your wish is my command”! Believe in the laws of attraction and take ownership of your dreams. Treat your business and your team like they are the most important people in the world, like family. Never forget at the end of each day that our God given gift is free will, and that you are free to live your life to the fullest, the life of true abundance.

Enjoy your journey, create your own story and pass it on to others. I encourage every woman to let your light shine and have no fear, for you will attract so many great people.



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