Money as Measurement… by Barbara Pellegrino

Barbara PellegrinoWhat do you want money to measure? What will it validate for you? Who do you know that measures their own and others success exclusively in monetary terms? How does it feels to be around them? Exciting, stimulating and broadening? Or a maybe you find it a little boring, monotonous and constricting?

When you use money as the only measurement for success, then your success can be transient.

You are only as successful as the money you have today. Make a bad decision and “poof” its gone… are you no longer a success? Some would think so. What about the skills you have acquired along the way? It gives no value to you as a professional person, an independent business owner, your life experiences, your friendships, the customers and team members lives you have impacted nor the contribution you made to your community. NULL

How much is that worth? How do you measure it? The problem is money is either lusted after or, for some, the only goal, while other people consider it a dirty word and would prefer to not have to deal with it in any way. Most people don’t understand that money can be seen as a measure of much more than financial success.

“Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.” – Wayne Dyer

What does money measure for you? Is it a measure of your net worth or your self worth?

Some measure their success by the amount of money they are earning. Some judge themselves and others by the amount of money they have and some people even choose their friends by the amount of cash they splash. And some people gauge their success by how much they are able to give away in order to help others. Others view the money they earn as a measurement of exchange, indicating the number of people they have served. Which of these resonates best with you? Thoughts around money can ignite deep feelings. T. Harv Eker, author of “ Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” says : “Nothing has meaning except the meaning I give it” Shakespeare said “t’is nothing good or bad, just thinking makes it so…” What are the best, most supportive and joyous ways to give meaning to the money you earn? What do you want money to measure? What will it validate for you? You can choose. It is up to you to decide what money measures for you and what meaning you give to it. If you have reservations about earning massive amounts of money and you somehow realize that it does not support your daily efforts to think this way, then I strongly suggest that you reframe your thoughts and feelings to consider the money you receive as the measurement of satisfied customers ( raving fans if you wish ) and happy productive team members. You joined your company because you obviously believe in your product and your company. Now, because you are an independent business owner and entrepreneur, the way you receive your rewards for the service and team building you offer is by monetary exchange. Sure there’s lots of praise, trophies and feel good support along the way but in the network marketing and direct selling world money is the way we exchange goods and services.

It is an indicator of how much time and effort you have put in to developing a team, sharing the message and helping improve people’s lives.

Enjoy your money. You are in business to serve, support, train and develop others and the reward for that service can certainly be measured by the money your receive.

“Abundance will never be a factor of how much money one has. Rather it is always a factor of how one feels about the money one does have” Stuart Wilde
Enjoy your success You earned it!


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